GTA Online Flight School Guide (Tips & Tricks)

hey yo what's going on everybody it's

time Larry sak a tide Killington gaya

man alright this week the double money

is hanger business alright so every time

there is a hanger business that's double

money I always like to challenge my crew

and make sure they all get the flight

school lessons or missions done alright

now I have now made it mandatory for my

crew so they're all freaking out all you

have to do is get a bronze or better

just a minimum bronze these have to

complete it real simple but yeah it is

mandatory now is I want everyone to

learn these they are pretty easy alright

to find in the flight school make sure

you go to your interaction menu and you

want to go to hide options go to other

go to flight school and make sure it's

there and that's where or make sure

you're showing it and then you'll be

able to see it on the map and beer

together alright so this video is just a

quick tutorial and guide let's get

started the first one it's called

outside loop and this is really simple

and really easy okay there's two types

of loops there's a inside and a outside

the difference is the inside loop you

pull up and go in a traditional loop and

the outside loop is you do a nosedive

and you fully do a loop that way now the

other voice that you're hearing is the

flight instructor he'll be hanging out

with you he's very very friendly and

he'll be giving you a whole bunch of

really helpful bits of encouragement and

tips and all that good stuff so yeah

make sure you pay attention to him it's

good stuff so anyways as you look at the

bottom right corner it tells you your

time and this one is a particular time

based or rated you know mission and all

you have to do is pay attention to that

red meter while you're doing your loop

just pay attention to your checkpoints

where you're flying you're not gonna hit

anything or crash anything as you do

your front loop around the bridge right

here just pay attention that you don't

crash into the bridge it's really easy

that crane right there don't worry about

that as long as you're lined up with

those yellow checkpoints you should be

fine and when that red meter goes all

the way up you're good to go and that's

really it's very very simple very very

easy in less than a minute you'll make

about 27,000 now don't pay attention to

my money that I get I've already got

gold in all of these except for the last

two because I wanted to show you guys

this I knew years ago I would

have to make this video so be up next

one up that we got is going to be engine

failure it's really really simple really

easy you're flying a mil jet and the

challenge is you know your engines die

out and you have to land it but you have

to land it within so many metres of the

yellow you know checkpoint at the bottom

of the runway down there so it's real

easy it is glide on in as we're seeing

here it's kind of you know boring really

just floating on down nothing major

there's no you know crazy turbulence or

wind or whatever you just float not down

you just have to you know land really

close to that checkpoint

don't forget landing gear you want to do

that and just pay attention to where I

land right here and you'll be able to

coast right in and then just use the

brakes you know just like you would on a

normal car to slow the plane down you

see right here about to pop out the

landing gear I usually wait for the

landing gear to drop it until a little

bit later because the landing gear will

slow you down a little bit

alright so the landing gear gets popped

and right there in between those two

checkpoints closer to the fourth hash

from the actual checkpoint itself is

where you want to touchdown and then

just kind of let the plate and glide in

there towards it if you have to you know

put your brake on or whatever it's it's

all good and you see right there got

within 2.0 four meters of the actual

check marker gold star or gold whatever

right you know easy got it done and

again you know when if you get bronze

you'll get so many thousands of dollars

if you get silver you get so many

thousands of dollars then once you get

to gold you'll get so many thousands of

dollars which will equal up to twenty

seven thousand five hundred roughly in

that range if you just get gold you'll

get twenty seven thousand five hundred

so the third one is chase parachute this

is actually really fun really cool I do

enjoy this one don't freak out if you

miss the parachute I'm gonna show you

right here what happens and if you jump

out and you already have a parachute on

your back it doesn't work alright you

see right here I've missed the parachute

just pull up on your joystick like

you're doing a wheelie on a motorcycle

and it will slow you down and then you

can kind of track the parachute and get

back to it alright and then once you

have it on just know that you're

landing marker or your checkpoint will

be at the football field at the college

down here right adjacent to the golf

course okay and you'll see this as I get

a little bit closer and what you want to

do is some people like to pop the

parachute right on top of the turkey I

don't like that what you want to do is

you want to pull your parachute and

glide it into your target and I'll show

you why because this one's a little bit

tricky alright so I pulled the parachute

and we're just gliding on in there's a

couple of trucks down there so pay

attention to that you know there's some

trees over there as well you don't to

hit those it will make you fall down but

you want to kind of land on the outer

rings of the yellow check marker right

there because your character is going to

walk several meters into the actual

center so I'm about to slow it down pull

back on your you know l2r to to slow

yourself down you see right here here we

go where I'm Sloane the the actual speed

and I land right on the third ring and

then my character as he's taking the

parachute offer whatever we'll just walk

into the center of the actual circle are

not taking the Parrish job but as he

lands right there and that's what will

give you your your gold star okay so if

you land in the center he'll walk

towards the outside and you'll continue

to get silver bronze so that's what you

want to do right there to get gold and

you're good to go man

so yeah easy no problem alright fourth

one is city Landing

this is really fun - you're flying a

Titan and it's kind of similar to the

other one where your engines stalls out

you just basically have to land and

inclement weather on the beach as a

matter of fact and get to a certain

amount of distance within the checkpoint

okay so you're flying around it's bad

weather you're just supposed to land at

the airport but in just a moment here

you'll see one of the engines blows out

so it's like an unexpected failure

alright really no big deal it's nothing

major the engine blows out and you just

have to take a right-hand turn and land

on the beach instead of the airport and

you'll see that here in just a moment

alright so we're flying on up here you

got some turbulence you got the

lightning and got the rain it's pretty

cool I like that there we go the

the left engine goes out and it'll kind

of drag to the left a little bit you can

easily compensate for that there you go

those are olders abandon the runway

landing and put her down on the dirt so

just pay attention you know you have to

fly over the the little Ferris wheel

down there at the doctor's but you know

you don't want to crash into that and

with this one with the Titan one because

you're landing on the beach you don't

want to land real far away from the

check marker as you see here as I

approach you want to land basically

almost on top of that check marker all

right I went to a little bit later to

pull the landing gear here it is letting

it was coming down and right as I'm

getting up on the checkbook and the

Titans are pretty durable plane you can

take some beatin so right right real

close to it I'll and I just slam on the

brakes and it's right there on the check

marker and I get the gold rating the

gold star all right real easy

there we go it's done guys these the

flight school missions are not hard I

mean I did gold every one of the goals I

redid today while making this video it

took me an hour and fifteen minutes and

that's with a couple of mess ups and I

mean it's very very simple very very

easy all right so the next one up the

six are the fifth one is moving landing

this you have to be pretty quick all

right what I recommend you do does fly

in a straight line you get to land on

this trucks basically this this trailer

right here on the truck that's flatbed

just flight a straight line right to the

curve of the road and as the truck is

turning you just cut it as angle the

chopper and all three wheels must be on

the actual flatbed so is it doesn't have

to be pretty right there you go I didn't

beat my record time but I still got gold

that's all what we're trying to do here

again though with my crew members all

you have to do is get bronze and

complete this alright but you know for a

little bit of extra fun a little bit

extra challenge go for that go for that

gold alright so the sixth one is called

formation flight I've been hearing a lot

of people that are having trouble with

this one listen again it's not easy what

I think a lot of people are having

trouble with is that they're trying to

make this perfect you do not have to

make this perfect it does not have to be

pretty at all all you got to do is

follow this planes

just stay in that green circle to stay

close to it right you know and that's

your your score will start to go up as

you see in the bottom right corner there

the the counter keeps going up for the

length of the time that you're in this

green circle now you see right here I'm

showing you I have my landing gear down

this will make you go a little bit

slower so this may help out for some

things but you're gonna want to you know

pull your landing gear up so you can

maintain speed and stuff like that I

want to show you guys if you're having

some trouble that could help out alright

so that goes up and you just basically

just follow this formation you use your

rudders for this really easy turn and I

kind of like you know get a little

inside/outside with that but again it

does not need to be pretty you just have

to stay within the green and you're good

to go

really simple all right so we're

following these guys and you just do a

couple of formations the the last two

formations are the most difficult I

struggle on those too but as long as you

get a whole bunch of points in the

beginning formations right here

you'll be alright you have a little bit

of room for some air and as you see

right here I'm not very clean holding

this formation I almost hit that jet

just you know keep it in the green again

does not need to be perfect you don't

have to make it all pretty you know it's

no big deal to stay in that green circle

all right so we're flying out what these

guys do another little formation here

and you know you don't want to

overcompensate too much because this

plane the besra has a lot of really good

handling it's very very responsive so

you don't have to dig into your joystick

to make this play in maneuver you can

really just kind of ease into it a

little bit

alright this we just got to do a loop

and this couldn't this one gets away

from me a little bit it's no big deal

right this don't don't freak out to stay

on your line catch back up to it I'm

already pretty close to my actual points

so they need to be at and you know I got

what I needed right there this is this

kind of the same thing you do another

loop but then you stay inverted right so

to stick with that green circle as best

you can stay inverted just speed up to

it don't freak out but this is the last

one so make sure you're pretty close to


and there we go I actually have the same

scores I got before gold star right

there alright that one can be a little

challenging I definitely will give you

that but again just don't freak out and

keep your composure

you'll be alright alright got some good

cash on that next one we got this is a

pretty fun where I like this a lot

shooting range get to blow some stuff up

regular shoes themselves now with this

one I recommend this using the machine

gun I mean totally use whatever you are

comfortable with the missiles or

whatever but I think the machine guns

are really the better way to go if you

have the hood view for your first person

that'll help out a lot I do not have the

hood view I have just from the inside

cockpit I wouldn't recommend that if

that's the view that you have for

first-person just go back out to

third-person it's a lot easier that way

and all you do is this shoot these

targets and you have to get I think it's

like 25 of them to get gold really easy

alright again use your r1 and l1 to turn

the chopper left to right and just use

your joystick to angle it up and down

for you know your target and you got

unlimited ammo so just let that sucker

rip you know don't even worry about it

and it's kind of you know feather the

throttle up and down a little bit and

work the joystick to where you can get

these targets hit very very simple

alright backing out don't be careful not

to crash into the building I know I

understand it's a little difficult

sometimes but the range on the guns is

pretty good so you can sit back a little

bit you know and again I'm not this is

not a very clean run right here I'll

show you what the missiles right here

that misses it's a little bit more

difficult you know so I wouldn't really

recommend that it's go with the guns

there we go

didn't hit anything there for a solid

like five six seconds it's alright

though your time limit is that red

little meter bar above your score and I

got plenty of time I'd like a third of

my time left I get gold right there

pass it bang those out get that right


oh come on where's the it areas got 30 I

mean again you got plenty of time to get

this done first try I mean simple you

guys should get a knock out 50 and he's

easy there we got 36 37 38 39 I get 40

can we break 40 Oh almost got it nice

very good got 40 on that so 15 over my

gold target score and I mean that was a

really rough pass right there not good

at all

you could easily get 50 on that not a

problem no sweat alright 3,000 bucks got

a bit more on that got some good RP

there we go all right on to this guy

right here at ground level ground level

it can be a little challenging to I

understand that but again easy you can

get this knocked out okay I messed up my

first try in the second when I knocked

it out with ground level what you have

to do is you have to get you have to

pass these checkpoints at a low level to

the ground but remember it is an average

score so you don't have to be on the

ground for every single one of them you

know you want to be low but as you see

right here yeah I started at point

twenty two meters and you're like wow

ty I a 1 meter is the goal that seems

pretty low but it really it's not it's

not that bad

watch how I go through these targets and

you'll see I mean right here I'm you

know close to the bottom I'm at point 15

I'm actually gotten lower because that

guy's above the ground it'll be a little

bit higher but still I'm at point 13

this guy right here you know a little

bit higher but still point 11 so don't

really worry about it that one is a

little bit higher up you're fine though

it's all good you don't have to scrape

the ground for every one of these you

just have to keep a pretty low average

all right on that one right there I'm at

0.55 now and listen guys you don't it's

not a race you don't have to throttle

you know max power with the the besra

just take your time and be smooth with

it you see right here I'm actually over

one meter now but I'm not gonna sweat it

you know this get as low as you can with

these uh these checkpoints that was a

pretty high some up I'm at 1.25 that was

better so my average dropped down this

is really easy to scrape the ground if

you want to pull your uh your landing

gear out so you the case you're too low

you can just kind of skip off the ground

a little bit you know keeping it low

dropping my my average down now I'm at a

flat one meter so I know the last couple

edited to keep it pretty low right there

pretty low gonna down below one this guy

right here scraping the ground and I I

was going too low and I missed the

checkpoint but I went back to it but the

checkpoint still counts as you see it

dropped it down even lower so you're all

good to go hit that last one as low as

you can if you miss it don't worry can

come back and I could have failed

there's no time limit on you're good to


all right easy right second pass just

you don't have to scrape the ground

because a lot of people crash that way

just keep it you know relatively low and

you'll be fine alright and as you see it

right there now I'm doing the last two

these are ones I have not got gold on

yet I wanted to show you guys what this

looks like and this guy is gonna be

collective flags this is probably one of

the the more difficult ones because

there's a lot of flags that getting so

on my first attempt I got silver which

was better 244 and I got paid 12,500 as

I was telling you before it's kind of

the ratios go very very good so the next

try I'm gonna get this gold knocked out

and you'll get the money and it will

accumulate to that 27,500 alright and

like I said you get even more than that

because if you go for bronze you get a

few you know a couple grand for that or

whatever whatever the amount is so it's

a little bit more but roughly gonna be

on average making 27,000 with each one

of these missions that you complete and

there's ten of them so you'll make you

know two hundred and seventy thousand

what you want to do with this and again

this is not a perfect to run right you

just want to keep your your your check

markers in a basic pattern

and remember this if if you're getting

lost on one pay attention to those

yellow dots if you see that black arrow

if it's pointed up that means the check

marker is above you obviously if it's

pointing down the check markers below

you and if it's just solid yellow that

means you're adding even altitude with

it and that's how you can you know in

case you're getting lost on what if you

can't find it just pay attention to

those yellow dots on there on your radar

and you'll be able to figure that out

but again what you can do is you can go

into a circle around all these check

markers and pick off all the ones on the

edge or if you kind of do like a like a

like a figure 8 pattern or an S pattern

where you kind of snake your way you

know back and forth you know whatever

you feel comfortable with I like kind of

circling around and breaking this up

into sectors and keeping them into like

groups right that's what I try and do I

just don't want to be flying back and

forth over the same areas where it's a

bunch of just dead space there's nothing

there as you see I kind of put these in

two little clusters I line them all up

and I knocked out several lines and I

don't force anything if I know I can't

get to the one down there below me I

don't force it I just peel out get me a

nice little tight turn come back to it

and as you see I'm back on another

little line right here so I'm kind of

the site you know sneaking my way

through you know it's kind of like it

you're making an S right you just kind

of you're making one long s back and

forth and that's really kind of what I

do I keep it in two like lines basically

so the first routes I'll just kind of

pick off the ones around the edge in a

circle and then I'll just kind of go

back and forth and like in a sweeping

motion and taking these guys out and

again don't force anything you know you

know if you miss one it's okay get to

get the next ones in the group and then

swing it back around and as you see

right here there's a few stragglers I

had but I still have that that basic you

know cluster format they're all kind of

like in the same row so I can knock them

all out but I don't want to force

anything I don't want to crash into a

building because you will fail and I

just take my my

my opportunities where I can I pick off

the ones that are in the the row for me

so I get these guys right here that I

know I'm gonna do a straight line of

last two I know where they're at they're

above me just pick them off it's real


leave the maze bank for last boom get it

done there we go had several seconds to

spare and again that was not a clean run

I missed a few that were in my my my

path but you know I didn't freak out I

just kept it to it and you don't have to

fully throttle all the time as you see

right there I got silver before

12500 I got gold oh that was fifteen

thousand equals up to you know twenty

seven five plus a little bit for the

bronze that I got as well alright and

the last one follow leader this is

really fun really cool a little bit

challenging not too hard though you just

basically follow the your instructor and

there's a couple of little passes that

you have to make where you have to be

upside down or you have to be in a knife

position where it's just basically

you're just kind of like you know

sideways you know there's a couple like

this one right here it's pretty

challenging and if you're not used to it

but don't freak out

you know you have to kind of go upside

down and just fly right through this and

it's okay

you know you just you just thread the

needle you know if you have a couple of

failed attempts no big deal just keep

with it so we get through that one now

we're coming up right here you fly in

between these two silos right here and

listen you got plenty of room on all

these you know rock stars gonna make it

challenging but not impossible so you

got plenty of room to get through all

these little like cuts and stuff like

that and you'll be good to go and again

you don't have to fully throttle through

just pay attention you know I got a

little little loose right there but it

was alright I was able to compensate and

that's really the the hardest part was

that that beginning right there coming

through the bridge eyelets and then

going through the docks right there and

cutting that that hard left

once that's really no no problem though

alright with this guy right here you

have to make a upside-down maneuver you

get that one I missed that one and all

it does is it adds five seconds

right so you know I didn't get a clean

pass that's a little tricky right there

and it adds five seconds to my time

so it's okay I'm still paying attention

right here I still have over a minute

we're good to go stake through that and

again you don't have to fully throttle

for every single thing you are at a time

limit but you know just get it down if

if you don't bang this out the first

attempt don't freak out complete it

first so you know what to do you know

what the what the next ones are gonna be

do a sharp hard or soft knife right

there on that one just pull around the

side on this one right here you're gonna

pass a little little in between these

two construction buildings again you got

plenty of room don't let it freak you


get this guy knocked out we got 20

seconds left still going to the bridge

going to this bridge this next one right

here and then BAM we're done I would

have had ten seconds if it wasn't for

that uh that that violation that missed

a little maneuver but again I knocked it

out alright so guys listen please get

this done

every challenge everybody just just get

them passed just get the bronze arm it

really does help you out hanger missions

or double money it does help out with

the hangar missions so definitely check

that out I hope you guys enjoyed the

video if you did make sure you drop a

like subscribe to my channel for the

Ilsan reals content in the game alright

guys and we'll see the next one

peace out yeah