GTA Online Flight School Guide (Tips & Tricks)

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hey yo what's going on everybody it's

time Larry sak a tide Killington gaya

man alright this week the double money

is hanger business alright so every time

there is a hanger business that's double

money I always like to challenge my crew

and make sure they all get the flight

school lessons or missions done alright

now I have now made it mandatory for my

crew so they're all freaking out all you

have to do is get a bronze or better

just a minimum bronze these have to

complete it real simple but yeah it is

mandatory now is I want everyone to

learn these they are pretty easy alright

to find in the flight school make sure

you go to your interaction menu and you

want to go to hide options go to other

go to flight school and make sure it's

there and that's where or make sure

you're showing it and then you'll be

able to see it on the map and beer

together alright so this video is just a

quick tutorial and guide let's get

started the first one it's called

outside loop and this is really simple

and really easy okay there's two types

of loops there's a inside and a outside

the difference is the inside loop you

pull up and go in a traditional loop and