Unblock adobe flash player is blocked in google chrome||Fix adobe flash content was blocked on edge

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Hello guys and welcome back to my youtube channel


Today i get the following one error notification

while i try to access the one website

via my google chrome web browser,

and it shows

"Adobe Flash Player is blocked".

So how to enable your adobe flash player

in your chrome browser?.

And also i show the steps

by using the microsoft edge browser,

so anyway

let's goto our tutorial...

First of all open your google chrome web browser

now in this home page section

you can press this vertical 3 dots icon

and one drop down window is opening

so here you can goto "Settings".

Now in this section

in left side it shows some settings category

here you can choose

"Privacy and security" section

and the third one.

And then goto

"Site settings"

and the second one.

And here it shows some permissions

but you can locate

"Flash" permission

and then click to open it.