Overwatch Rant Buying Player Icons

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server core okay Blizzard for the love

of God I love overwatch I find the game

amazing I'm only level 66 I know I need

to play more these are my stats Reinhart

River deep I'm agree Farah who cares

also right hearts amazing just heads up

but there is one thing I'm utterly

disappointed in you about anything more

than anything it's either I'm stupid or

I'm disappointed you get to pick one and

what it is is I can go into hero gallery

like for me a love Rhinehart I love

Reinhart skins not a big fan of the cold

heart one only because I like Reinhart

with his mask on but he could look more

like a coal bought one but I can

understand what I am mad at I can buy

anything in this thing anything I want

if I want to buy any mode I can buy an

email with a little chump change I got

I'm practically homeless with the amount

of money I got I can buy any emote I

want I can buy any victory pose any

voice liner buy any spray like my any

highlighted drew I can't even buy a gold

weapon hell that's even better than a

grill but what I cannot buy and for the

love of God I do not know why I cannot

buy why can I not buy a player icon with

money put a price on that [ __ ] don't get