How to Unlock FL Studio 20 from the Demo Version

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alright hey what's up everybody

gratitude is here and in this video I'm

gonna show you how to unlock FL Studio

from the demo version so all you have to

do is just go help your gonna go about

and then you're gonna see your email and

password all you have to do is just

enter in your image line email and your

password and you're good to go

now I'm also going to show you how to

unlock FL Studio the old way as well as

if you've purchased an FL studio plug-in

that you're using in a different dog

you're gonna have to do it through a

registry file okay so just log into your

image line account and I'm just gonna

sign in here okay so once you're signed

in it put me back to the home page I'm

just gonna click on my account here on

the left hand side just click unlock

products this is what I showed you go to

about and you enter your image line

email and password but what you'll do is

you click this plus right here okay so

this is how you unlock vsts as well as

the old way to unlock Apple studio so

just click this you're gonna download a

registry file just install that registry

file it might look a little scary

because it's like you're installing this