How to Install and Unlock FL Studio 20 on Windows 10 | FL Studio Tutorial

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hey y'all this is jeremy from production

then today we're going to be talking


installing and unlocking fl studio in

windows 10.

so let's jump in so when you want to

install the latest version of fl studio

and unlock it here's what you need to do

you need to go over

to your favorite browser and go ahead

and type in flstudio.com

which will bring up the image line

website and you're going to press the

download button that's at the top of the


that will bring you to this page where

it'll tell you what the latest

version is that you can download which

right now it's

and then you can press download and that

will download the fl studio file

and once that is completed downloading

then you will go ahead and install fl

studio by opening up that file and

letting it run

and installing all the things that you

want to install for the directories

putting an icon on the desktop all that

stuff and once that is completed