How to unlock FL Studio 12 full version with regkey

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welcome everyone to my new tutorial on

FL Studio very quick it's been quite a

while I've published about elm FL studio

on this channel so I just decided that I

was going to do something quick so today

I'm going to show you how to unlock the

full version of FL Studio 12 and I'm

going to show you two ways of doing that

the first one is by using your account

details within the application and the

second one is by accessing your accounts

image line accounts and finding your red

key your red key file to add to your

Windows registry so the first thing that

you're going to do is open FL Studio

obviously and then you go to the

question mark here you scroll down all

the way to a bowels here and then you're

gonna see this when you double that FL

Studio you should see it blank like this

email password are going to be blank

okay so what you're gonna do here is

enter your details your image line

account details the the accounts with

which you purchased FL Studio alright

once you have your email and password

entered into the fields you just need to

click on the unlock products button this

is going to unlock all the products from

FL Studio or image line if you want that