How to unlock FL Studio 12 full version with regkey

welcome everyone to my new tutorial on

FL Studio very quick it's been quite a

while I've published about elm FL studio

on this channel so I just decided that I

was going to do something quick so today

I'm going to show you how to unlock the

full version of FL Studio 12 and I'm

going to show you two ways of doing that

the first one is by using your account

details within the application and the

second one is by accessing your accounts

image line accounts and finding your red

key your red key file to add to your

Windows registry so the first thing that

you're going to do is open FL Studio

obviously and then you go to the

question mark here you scroll down all

the way to a bowels here and then you're

gonna see this when you double that FL

Studio you should see it blank like this

email password are going to be blank

okay so what you're gonna do here is

enter your details your image line

account details the the accounts with

which you purchased FL Studio alright

once you have your email and password

entered into the fields you just need to

click on the unlock products button this

is going to unlock all the products from

FL Studio or image line if you want that

you download that so you're gonna see

this pop up message here saying success

please restart SS to do for the

registration to take effect so you click

OK and then you just close the window

okay and you restart the program so the

second way of doing that is by accessing

image lines come right here and then you

click on the sign in link here in the

top right corner of the websites so when

you click on sign in on the second link

you have the option to log in using your

Google accounts Facebook accounts or

SoundCloud accounts so here I'm going to

use my email quickly to access my own

accounts and then you should be

redirected to the image line home page

so now you can access your username

right here in this case it's my own name

and then you click on it and once you

click on this you will be redirected to

your dashboard where you see the the

bundles that you have the products that

you've purchased and everything so here

you can access your licenses on this

page in my case I have the signature

bundle and I think I have one more

product okay this is the content library

doesn't matter much so what you need to

do quickly is to go to the unlock

products tab right here when you click

on this you can click on this whole

image or you can click on this link the

orange on the lines link right here

so when you click on this is going to

prompt you to save your FL reg key in my

case I heard this stated here in a

temporary folder for this video so

that's why you see the number 1 between

the parentheses in the file name but in

your case is just going to be called FL

Reiki so you save it and once you save

this now you should see FL Reiki in your

own folder so you can just double click

it and then you click on run or you can

also right-click the file and click on

merge whatever you choose you have to

click run and then they're going to be

subsequent windows and you just accept

whatever it prompts you so you just

click on ok

since you're done once you're done you

need to restart your FL Studio

application for the registration to take

effects I think the worst case scenario

I've heard people say that they needed

to restart your PC altogether but once

you've restarted the application or your

PC depending on which case you find

yourself in you should see the

registration appliance in the digital

audio workstation so

you can now decide to go back to the

abouts window world here and then you

should see register to your username and

a set of numbers attached to it

okay so this is the Edition that you

have right here and the bundle that you

have the bits you have 64 bits and 32

bits and then you should see on the

who's name of whose accounts

this is registered so you see two ways

of unlocking the full version of FL

Studio right here all by using the FL

Reiki so this both um techniques if you

want are both methods or one time things

that you do you don't need to do it

every time you you launch your FL Studio

program so I hope you've learned

something in this video but quickly

before I go I just want to make a quick

points are based on some feedback that I

got in my last video basically people

disappointed that I was not talking

about how to unlock the full version of

FL Studio for free

in other words unlocking the full

version of FL Studio without paying for

it but um image line are very well aware

of what is going on people just by

written yeah their products and they

actually have a page on their websites

called um basically stop pirating you

can see it through the the URL right

here and they explain that FL Studio

exists because people decide to pay for


right here okay with us money they

wouldn't be able to work as hard as they

doing now and we wouldn't get any new


alright the product we just died down so

they also make the points a very valid

point that give you free lifetime

updates once you purchase access to do

once so you don't have to keep

purchasing every new edition that comes

out every year or every few a few months

or whatever so I also have a video on my

channel where I explain to you how to

update your FL Studio application for

free once you download it for lifetime

updates so I hope this makes sense and

if you've been parroting the this

software I recommend you just quit it

you get the demo because the demo

actually lets you create very high

high-quality tracks that you can use on

YouTube and whatever SoundCloud or

whatever and kickstart your your musical

career okay so if that's how you want to

kick-start your career and get some

revenue to purchase access to do I think

that's fair that's just by passing them

by passing your rules and going for free

FL red keys online um you know some free

hack tips or whatever I don't think

that's the right way to to use this

software and they really not happy about

it so I just wanted to make the point

that's on my channel I'm not promoting

piracy okay I'm not showing you how to

pirate the application or anything this

video is the reference those who have

actually paid for the products okay

those who have licensed when they go on

my line sins they should be able to see

some products listed right there okay so

that was just a quick points I hope

you've enjoyed this video feel free to

leave a comments or whatever like this

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and I'll catch you next time see you bye