hi everybody my name is shadow tech and

welcome to my new fortress of solitude

so this will be my new venue for

recording today on any technology and

simple things that you need help with

for example today we are doing the

second update and probably should have

been the first update of the Fitbit

verse of one now today I actually have

some great news there is actually a

solution and I am so proud that Fitbit

have actually fixed this because they

did not have this at the beginning of

the app which was a year ago since that

happened and I'm just doing another

update video because I am actually and

I'm doing more videos because I'm

actually really surprised that my video

actually reached 2.7 K plays which thank

you sorry very much for those who've

actually viewed it as well as 14

subscribers from that view as well from

just one single video so thank you - and

that I've got 22 out likes out of 24

dislikes which yeah I've got a bit of

dislike because I actually you know

didn't explain it very right but that's

okay cuz now I've got a solution for it

sorry let's get on to the fixing sir for

those who may have done this already and

know that you probably on this video

because your watch as either said unlock

with your phone with a read foreign on

it with the watch beside it I think

that's what does a local side so what

we're gonna do is that you got to make

sure that your [ __ ] watch is stay

connected to your phone and you haven't

resetted your watch if you have done

those things it's okay dark stress I've

done those things too because that's

what I

Thornton that and that's what probably

everybody's done so daren't stress there

is a solution to fix that I'll get to

that in a moment

just continue actually maybe I should

get to that first sorry you probably

already know how to pair it up all you

got to do is make sure you got to set up

the device you have to set up the device

the way you normally set it up

sorry Fitch niching my homp it um which

you got to do it through the app if once

you set that up and it's already done

make sure it's fully charged I mean at

the moment I connected mine up on 30%

33% so but thank God I freaking fixed it

next thing is is that once you've done

that you need to be in the Fitbit Fitbit

app sorry for going so fast um which is

right here

you'll probably be up to this screen

right here now you guys can probably see

that actually I'm gonna Gert no that's

not a good idea yeah that probably works

sort of you have to be in this app if

you guys can see me yeah you guys can't

see me now the next thing you gotta

click is your profile which is right

here now it's probably got a little

woman's face on it but that's okay once

you're in that you'll come up to this

menu which has got your name and

personal details your premium that and

then your devices next you've got to

click on your device that you've

actually put in no that's not what I

want that's family account sorry my bad

versa which is this which will you'll

see clock faces apps media and wallet

then what you're going to do next is you

scroll down keep scrolling down till you

hit the very bottom then you get the

third last column which is device lock

once you've clicked into that it will

come up with confirm fingerprint to

continue or passcode if you haven't put

a thing

it will go straight to passcode now if

you don't know your passcode the

passcode which you put in is the

passcode you unlock your phone with for

example this isn't my code now but it

was before it was nine eight one two yes

nine eight one two that was actually my

oh yeah cool um wait what

sorry I got a message from my grand

think you need to sit in the back seat

why okay I'll get to that in a minute um

sir once you've done that you'll come up

to the Vice lock we're gonna unlock my

finger because bigger device recognized

then you'll come up to the screen which

will have the lock at the moment seems

that my fitbit's already fixed your

Fitbit will probably look like this will

probably look like this change change or

restart pin now with this this is kind

of like Reap this is kind of like um

restarting or forgotten your password

which for most accounts like Facebook

Instagram all that kind of stuff it

doesn't email verification this is going

through device and phone verification

which all you got to do is you've got to

change your PIN and restart your pin

once that's done and you've restarted

your pin which I'm not going to do that

because then my phone's gonna unlink my

Fitbit you need a link that up and

that's why you need your Bluetooth

device so then they're linked and stick


type in the pin once the pins restarted

the whole Fitbit should reset through

your normal usual clock face that you

previously set at the moment my clock

face I'm getting lots and lots of my

clock faces on my bitmoji clock face at

the moment before it was on my pride

clock face so

yeah um once that's done you're done

you're fixed now for those people who

don't know why they have a Fitbit

passcode on their and this is for you

guys can stop watching if you don't want

to know anything else but I'm just gonna

add some extra thoughts on why they've

got a code in there it's good to have it

but there is also a preference you don't

have to have your device lock in there

they recommend it but you don't have to

you can turn it off or turn it on which

it hasn't actually right here see it has

on the top enabled which is in brackets

recommend or you don't have to have it

but it's only in enabled force if bitpay

only with the pen sorry I've got a

really itchy nose I'm not sick I'm not

sick if anybody's actually concerned

about that which probably nobody does

care um your preferences you can either

have it enabled for the passcode to

re-enter your passcode every 24 hours

don't worry it won't stay unlocked it

will only say a lot once you remove the

watch once you've remove the watch they

got the green light will turn off and

then once you put it on again after

complete like second which I'll cook

I'll put it back on again

so you don't need to worry you'll have

your watch the function will still work

but once you tap into it burn done it

will come up with your code which i'm

gonna put in my code and then done so

now that I can access all my today

folders or notifications and all that

kind of stuff done about 600 steps

what no 1600 otherwise you can leave it

unlocked and only enable it through

Fitbit pay fit pay is like the wallet

your phone but it's on your watch but

the problem is is that you have to enter

your PIN every time you have to show

your wallet which is for security

reasons I enable it through every 24

hours because I reckon it's safer and

it's good because every time you take

this off the password lock so it's an

automatic locking system and it does set

and recognize that with the green light

at the back which tracks your heart rate

anyway at the moment that's actually all

I have to talk about so guys if any of

that actually helped your life down

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really proud that they fixed this

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portable speaker my portable speaker

isn't charging sir and also probably

yeah yeah anyway guys I hope you guys

enjoyed it I'll see you guys in the next


alright this helped bye