LOCKED FITBIT PROBLEM FIX! Forgotten Pin? Unlock or Hard Factory Reset Versa 3, 4, Sense, 2 Help!

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are you locked out of your Fitbit device

in this video I'm going to try and show

you how you can reset it so that you can

make it usable again up next


hey everyone my name is Jeff and on this

channel I've done a whole bunch of

Fitbit reviews tutorials and more so if

you want to get more out of using your

devices definitely check out those other

videos on this channel but today I want

to help you if you are here because

you're locked out of your Fitbit device

so the information in this video is

going to help you if you've got a versa

3 a versa 4 or a sense or a sense two

the first thing is if you are locked out

because you have forgotten your PIN code

you use a pin code if you've got a

credit card or something stored inside

your device or if you just want to lock