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hi everybody my name is shadow tech and

welcome to my new fortress of solitude

so this will be my new venue for

recording today on any technology and

simple things that you need help with

for example today we are doing the

second update and probably should have

been the first update of the Fitbit

verse of one now today I actually have

some great news there is actually a

solution and I am so proud that Fitbit

have actually fixed this because they

did not have this at the beginning of

the app which was a year ago since that

happened and I'm just doing another

update video because I am actually and

I'm doing more videos because I'm

actually really surprised that my video

actually reached 2.7 K plays which thank

you sorry very much for those who've

actually viewed it as well as 14

subscribers from that view as well from

just one single video so thank you - and

that I've got 22 out likes out of 24

dislikes which yeah I've got a bit of

dislike because I actually you know

didn't explain it very right but that's

okay cuz now I've got a solution for it

sorry let's get on to the fixing sir for

those who may have done this already and