Hard Reset On Fitbit Ionic

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I'm Tom for do-it-yourself home

automation and this is a helpful tip I

learned recently for your Fitbit ionic

if you need to do a hard reset so for

example if it freezes or you get locked

out by trying to put in your passcode

too many times that kind of thing all

you have to do is hold all three of the

buttons on the side here and here at the

same time and we do that for 15 seconds

and then it goes into the hard reset

like that now if I release them you can

see it's gonna reboot and start right

back up again

so again how cool if you get locked out

if your Bluetooth just doesn't working

that great if you put in your passcode

too many times that type of thing hold

all three buttons 15 seconds and you'll

get a hard reset be aware it might take

you back to the original factory

settings depending so if you have apps

you don't want to get rid of or anything

just be cautious and doing that but I

found it's really helpful you know to

wait for the battery to run down if

you're having a challenge with a Fitbit

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really helps