Reset and Factory Reset Fitbit Charge 3 (Quick & Easy)

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what's going on guys today I'm going to

show you how to reset your Fitbit as

well as do a factory reset

now this reset may be helpful if you are

having trouble syncing your device or

it's just freezing up on you and you're

having trouble with your Fitbit so the

first thing we need to do is plug the or

put the Fitbit in it's charging cradle

as well as plugging it in if you don't

do this it won't go through the reset

phase and this is what a this is called

a soft reset so this won't clear any of

our data this just simply turns off the

device and turns it back on I will show

you guys how to do a hard reset in a

second so when it is plugged in here

we're gonna press the button the touch

sensitive button on the side and you'll

notice the watch face lights up as well

as the watch vibrates so press and hold

that button down for about eight seconds

now a smiley face will appear on the

Fitbit watch and this is just letting

you know that it is resetting your

Fitbit and it will come back to life so

here it is back to life you know to

reset all the information on here

however it does not delete any of our

user data so to do that we're gonna