BEST HAND PRUNERS | Fiskars Pruners Review

hey dad's are you looking for the best

pruners for your garden I think I might

have found some right here I want to

talk to you guys about it first of all

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by YouTube of our videos so we I was at

Walmart the other day getting some stuff

for my wife and I was waiting for her to

call me back so I was like oh let me go

look in the gardening section because

we've got our food force going if y'all

been watching on our other channel I'll

put a card I write it there if y'all

want to check out what we're doing we're

creating a backyard food forest it's

pretty exciting but we got some trees

planted and I noticed I think that we

need to do some more pruning so I

decided to pick up these pruners here

these are the Fiskars pruners they make

a cheaper version and then they make

like some kind of ultra version which I

thought was too much so I went for kind

of the middle virgin version I'll link

these up down in the description below

if you guys want to check them out I've

used Fiskars before I have they're

loopers for cutting bigger branches and

those seem to work really well and I've

used their lifetime warranty before and

they honor it this does come with a

lifetime warranty which is one of the

main reasons why I wanted to get these

Fiskars pruners so I picked these up

they do a up to a 3/4 I guess diameter

branch there and they had the soft the

soft grip touch points right there so I

figured we'd do a little unboxing of

this of these pruners here to let you

guys kind of have an idea of what we're

looking at here

hang on not on the video please and so I

figured we'd take a look at what we have

here so gonna unbox this they give you

some information does have English land

special on it it's pruners to cut down

branches so the way that the lifetime

warranty worked on my loopers is they

had they'd sent me a new blade for the

looper and you just changed out the

blade which worked really well

please stop button and so I'm assuming

these would work the same way because

you just take out that nut right there

and then replaced the blade right here

it does have a locker on a little

locking mechanism on it so you can click

that to open it up seems to be fairly

easy to use the springs not too harsh on

it I'm curious to see how this spring

holds up I can't really move it wander I

can turn it I'm curious to see how that

holds up I don't know how that's gonna

do I can definitely press on it I don't

know how well it's in there but that'll

be an interesting tidbit but that's

another thing that you know if something

goes wrong with it I know I can contact

them and use their lifetime warranty on

it construction seems to be pretty nice

fairly ergonomically designed I like the

colours of it the orange and the black

on it I think it makes them a little bit

easier to find and and just easier to

you know if you lose them put them down

in the yard do you hopefully find them

easier because of the orange color there

so just a simple orange in black with

the steel part right here I'll give

these you know I'm gonna try these out

in our food forest and we'll kind of see

how they do and I'll come back and maybe

we'll do another demonstration type

video or something like that I think

that that might be a worth our while

again I'll link these up down in the

description below if you guys want to

check them out it says on the back here

ideal for cutting stems and like

branches fully hardened precision ground

steel blades stay sharp even though even

through heavy use low friction coating

helps the blade glide through wood

prevents the blade from gumming up with

SAP and debris and helps the blade

resist rust stop button soft grip touch

point enhances comfort and control easy

open lock protects the blade during

transport and storage and has a bypass

blade style

so looks interesting I'm curious to try

them out I think they're gonna be good

for us we've been wanting to get some

good pruners here so hopefully these

work well it does say low friction

coating for smooth cutting action I'm

not too sure I understand what that

means so if you guys know what that

means let me know down in the comments

below and we can try and understand

these do you guys have any pruners that

y'all have or do y'all know of any other

products with lifetime warranties let me

know that down in the comments below and

I'm always looking for new products with

lifetime warranties because I just love

products with lifetime warranties

because especially if companies honor


so again if y'all want to check these

out I'll link it up down below I

definitely appreciate you guys coming in

and listen to me my reviews hopefully

this one was helpful for you if you guys

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