Spinning Reel Basics

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hey what's up you here today with Nick

the informative fisherman and today

we're going to be discussing spinning

reels on how to use them and how to

understand them from ultralight reels to

your medium-sized bass reels all the way

up to your surf casting reels okay first

off let's discuss the basic parts of a

spinning reel naturally you have your

handle okay which you reel it with and

this is your bale this wire right here

going over now what this is for is this

is to release the line just before

you're going to cast so what you would

do is you would trap the finger right

there against the line you use your

finger to pinch the line up against the

actual rod then you open the Bale with

your thumb and if you want to cast you

make that momentum backwards and as

you're going forward just like a

whipping motion you release the line

with your finger now once the line hits

the water you can either close the bail

with your hand or you could start to

reel in the bail should automatically

close now no matter the size of the

spinning reel all the parts are

virtually the same you have your handle

and this is your drag up here okay now