HOW TO UNLOCK THE ABILITY TO GO FISHING!! - Red Dead Redemption 2 Tips & Tricks

right guys welcome back to Red Dead

Redemption 2 in this video I'm gonna

show you how to unlock the ability to go

fishing if we take a look at the map

we're currently in camp and there is a

mission for Abigail Roberts the mission

is called a Fisher of men

Abigail needs to speak to you and to

unlock this mission if we have a look

because I'm right at the end of chapter

2 now there is not a single of a mission

that I can do but by doing the John

Marston missions you unlock the mission

with Abigail so we're gonna go over

speak to her and trigger the fishing

mission and then after completion of the

mission we should be able to go fishing

ok so we no need to mount our horse and

little Jack has just his vision rod okay

so our fishing rod is there on the

weapon wheel we've got to equip the

cheese but as bread as well which

attracts a fish such as the red fin

pickerel and perch there's corn smaller

fish bullhead catfish and chain pick

rule and then rock bass and bluegill as

a hold less trigger I'd right trigger to

put it back and then release press right

trigger to hook the fish when you feel

about it there we go right control the

fish while it's struggling

read it in with the right analog stick

only while it's tired done little

bluegill 15m chucking back this looks a

little bit bigger

he looks double the size it's a little

bass at five pound five amps not bad

we're going to keep you and then once

you finish that mission you can just

head down to any bit of water on the map

and you can start fishing and obviously

different lakes and rivers and stuff are

going to provide different fish from a

previous video I did with the Jack whole

gang treasure map up here in this little

lake here you will find a lot of sockeye

salmon and stuff like that and then

there's a massive water section here as

well there's 30 different types of fish

on this game and if we have a look down

here there is actually the location of a

legendary fish so there's a lot of

fishing to do in this game which I'm

really really happy with because I love

a bit of fishing myself in real life as

well so as always anything else you need

to know about this game let me know in

the comments that is the end of this

video I hope you guys enjoyed it thank

you for watching