Persona 5 (PS4) - Guardian of the Pond Trophy Guide

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hi guys welcome to another persona 5

video and in this one I'll be showing

you guys how to get the Guardian of the

pawn trophy you need to catch the

toughest fish at the fishing spot in

Aichi Gaea so be prepared first you need

to purchase the fish pond spotter book

at the bookstore in central street of

shibuya reading this book or accepting

Ryu G's invitation to hang out at the

fishing spot will unlock the ichigaya

map spot you'll want to fish here a

couple times just to get the hang of the

fishing mechanic use the right bait to

attract you know the specific size of

fish you want to lure into your fishing

line after it bites the bait you want to

keep the cursor in the red region and

tap the X button I found this to be more

efficient than holding the X button

once you have practiced enough and