Destiny 2 - HOW TO OPEN MYSTERIOUS BOX | Fishhook Lock & More Guide !!

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what's going on guys Willis gaming here

we are back again with another destiny 2

video in this video I'll be showing you

how to pretty much get the first lock

opened on the mysterious box the fish

hook lock it's super super simple so

before we begin this for you guys

winner from last video so the giveaway

will be in the video description all you

have to do guys to get yourself a chance

at winning some silver is to leave a

like on the video leave a comment down

below and make sure you subscribe to the

channel with them bell medications on

obviously with silver you can buy a

bunch of these cryptic engrams these

edged engrams which is for the black

army all these cool stuff which actually

in these hang grams you can get all

these dances you can get ships you can

get pretty much anything in here and

it's pretty dope so definitely drop a

like leave a comment you could with

yourself mm silver so yeah let's jump

straight into the video so you want to

figure out how to unlock this mysterious

box now it it looks like at the moment

is time gated unfortunately so right now

people have let me figured out how to

unlock the fish hook lock the fish shark