you know mistake audicence it's your

guinea kala I decided to go live which

is very challenging I just want you to

know because anything that goes wrong is

permanently recorded but today what I'll

be talking about is 21 ways to unblock

heal and activate your root chakra and

so by the end of this video you will

know 21 different ways but what I am

gonna do is break it down into shorter

videos so I'm going to go through the 21

different ways to activate heal and

unblock the root chakra in this video

but then I'm going to break out each one

into a shorter like a five or ten minute

video okay hi can y'all now how are you

sweetie oh that's good to see you so

let's get started and I just want to

before I start saying that my channel is

mostly for women who want to thrive past

45 who want to save her life who want to

flourish despite anxiety depression that

they have suffered and that they're

definitely in the healing phase and so I

really want to empower goddesses like

myself who have dealt with those issues

so I'm not actually gonna take questions

even though I'm live I'm doing it live

because it's much faster typically it

takes three hours to make a video and

that's about normal it takes some people

even longer depending on the complexity

so three hours so rather than doing that

I wanted to put out a video like I

promised Wednesdays and on the weekend

and so if I just shoot it live it's

already uploaded so forgive any mistakes

remember they don't even do this in the

big media anymore so these are the 21

ways to activate heal and unblock your

root chakra in no particular order but

again subscribe when you're watching

this you're probably watching this after

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live goddess but subscribe and hit the

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okay of the 21 ways to unblock your root

chakra so the first way is to eat

protein okay and like I said if I break

out each one of these the video would be

about an hour because they're 21 so even

if I only spoke for a minute it would

take at least 21 minutes or more so eat

protein focus on that in your diet it

does not have to be meat protein the

another way the second way is grounding

so in bare feet and guys I didn't put

the numbers so I'm just gonna go through

as I as I talk to you actually

work with me I'm in my studio you guys

you can see my cloud paintings in the

back I just needed a little clipboard

okay so number one eat protein number

two ground yourself so grounding is

about getting outside and getting your

bare feet on the ground into the earth

and digging your little toes into the

ground okay the third one is to slow

down the root chakra is associated with

stability and quiet and still less so

slowing down is one way to unblock heal

and start to activate the chakra now

remember these are in no particular

order but when I make each video I will

tell you if this is a real powerful way

to do that or if this is more of a like

a subsidiary way does that make sense

and where's my little camera okay there

it is there you are you're up there so

that is the third way the fourth way is

to meditate and I'm gonna mention on

this list several ways several types of

meditation to unblock heal and activate

the root chakra because meditation I

know it might seem hard but it really is

the most powerful way so I have meditate

here it can be a body scan meditation

that puts you really in touch with your

physical body because that helps to

activate heal

and unblock the root chakra okay

fifth number five care for your body

literally things like massage

specifically where where you're touching

the body or someone is touching the body

right so getting a massage or doing self

massage again because the root chakra is

associated with your physical body so

you want to get grounded in that okay

number six I did not lie to you

going through 21 stay with me where Anka

and one of the sort of sayings we have

is it specifically a woman I think this

is how I heard it is a widow you guys

and she's feeling really sad and maybe

not wanting to continue on without her

husband they say wear red underwear

now I first heard this and I thought

that it's really weird red panties okay

and time passed and I thought about it

because I really do like to sort of pull

pull things together and integrate them

and then as I learned more about the

chakras it makes sense because read the

vibration of red is very much an earthly

vibration and earthy vibration it's

about that vitality of the body so when

you tell a widow who is really depressed

and sad and doesn't want to be here

anymore start wearing red underwear

right and that's the root chakra so it's

a being her grounded in her body

so it's interesting because this is sort

of a folk wisdom thing as I said from

Jamaica so it's interesting that it

correlates so that was number six number

seven exercise any kind of exercise

again drawing you into your physical

body keeping you body then specifically

number eight is yoga especially standing

postures or postures that work the legs

and feet and that also work with the

large intestine or the colon because

that area very much is root chakra also

poses that have to do with bladder and

kidney because then you get into the

fight or flight which is very much about

root chakra we get fearful

and that really undermines the root

chakra strength okay so that specific it

doesn't matter what former style though

I'll say more in my video on that there

are different styles that actually might

work better depending and again this is

where if you were a client we could

really work out what is specific to you

because everybody's different you are

unique goddess and so what might work

well for one person may not work for you

okay we are up to number I can't read my

own handwriting

number nine meditation on the root

chakra this is really the most powerful

way using the seed sound the seed sound

is lum-lum


meditation you using that seed sound wah

that just really calmed me I like that


so that was number nine number ten a

tenth way to heal activate and unblock

the root chakra is to do a root lock to

practice the root lock it is similar to

kegels but it's not exactly the same and

again this is thousands of years before

Western doctors came up with the idea of

kegels thousands and thousands of years

ago the root lock okay

ask your yoga teacher read about it and

as I said I will have videos on that

that was number ten number eleven

affirmations about the right to be here

and about the right to have very much

root chakra mooladhara chakra do you

have the right to be here do you have

the right to have things to have money

to have a home so someone who would say

has very weak root chakra maybe having

dealt with homelessness okay we're

talking here on an inner level not about

outside conditions but they do correlate

a weak root chakra so having instability

in the home in having a home instability

with family and so on so affirmations

that focus on that your right to be and

your right to have

okay that's number 11 that's keep going

number 12 people have short attention

spans on YouTube and you know I'm a

former professor so I like to explain

and go on but I have to speed myself up

okay so

acupressure on the feet and legs so I

will have a video on that and how to

massage not just the feet but the legs

and I will put a video after this is up

and I can I can actually add things I

will add I have a foot massage video I

will add it above okay so look above

later okay I'm going to keep recording

even though Paul is going to decline the

call these are the dangers of recording

live focus on smell is number 13 so with

things like incense and essential oil

smell is the tape smell is the taste

smell is the sense associated with the

root chakra okay listen so using incense

using essential oils and then we will

get into specific sense that are more

grounding like being sandalwood hello

goddesses hey queen grand rising got

high your somebody's that working trying

to listen okay don't get fired okay

while doing this alright so smell is the

sense that goes with the root chakra

alright and if you're just joining me

live I'm doing this because it's the

quickest way to get a video out for you

I will be breaking down each of these

into a short video that will go in more

detail okay so you can just you can

binge watch them but this is the

overview of 21 ways to unblock heal and

activate your root chakra okay let's

keep going number 14 crystals so

crystals and gems that have to do with

grounding the first one that comes to my

mind is obsidian I love obsidian do you

guys um I don't have one really handy

snowflake obsidian it's black with like

yeah a little snowflake dots in it I

love that stone I just you know just

holding it really helps to ground me now

this isn't for everyone some of these

you have to be

sensitive I'm not gonna lie you know

some of you may feel nothing you're like

I'm holding a rock it's not working I'm

holding the rock nothing's happening

it's a more subtle okay

so different crystals that are grounding

what is that green stone type it in in

the comments if you know I always forget

the name it's a deep green I have it but

it's in my bedroom and it is also can

help with the root chakra it can also

help with the heart chakra yeah what is

it called I see beautiful stone I love

it oh yes yes I love doing lives I

should do them more cuz I'm really good

on the spur of the moment when I try to

plan people give me a thumbs up if

you're like that planning is good but

I'm really good spontaneously

okay so crystals watch for that video

that's gonna be a separate video what

the heck does my handwriting say Oh

fifteen work with Tarot those of you who

are into Tarot what do you think

corresponds to the root chakra the

Pentacles Pentacles so choose the queen

of Pentacles card in a deck that you

love where you like the imagery of the

queen of Pentacles right so earthy

grounding or the Empress from the Tarot

right and you could do work with that

you could do journey work with that and

visualization if you like Tarot okay

this is more of a New Age this wasn't an

ancient method though the ancients the

wise ones would also include

visualization so this is just a little

more modern way of working with it okay

so that was number 15 on how to heal

unblock and activate your root chakra

alright number 16 dududu weather right


focus on tickly okay so number 16 focus

on daily life but then I'm gonna break

it out um so what do I mean by that I'm

gonna tell you the truth I have been a

healer for like twenty something years

and studying this stuff for a long time

longer than I would like to admit okay

they take the gray out eventually guys

just gonna leave a little in the front

because somebody wrote me and said I

looked she wishes I were her grandmother

and I'm like really I probably be your

mom I'm Melea

to be your grandmother but that's okay I

know you weren't trying to like be shady

or anything but my feelings were

slightly hurt because of the way society

treats women you know what I'm talking


okay of a certain age so focus on daily

life so let's break that down that was

number 16 but I'm gonna make it a

healthy food and that's what I started

to say as a healer I have noticed myself

and others who are if they don't have a

strong root chakra they don't focus very

much on healthy food they tend to eat a

lot of junk food and especially wait for


sweets a lot of sugar I am a sugar

addict I'm gonna say that on camera it's

chocolate really I am a chocoholic and I

have noticed the people who are Spacey

who are not grounded sweets are they

take a lot of sweets and a lot of carbs

okay so a way to work with the root

chakra to activate heal and unblock it

that it's more subtle but it's gonna

affect your whole system is to focus on

healthy food so let's call that 16

number 17 focus on your housing what

does that mean hopefully you're watching

this you all have a home okay but to

focus on almost the Feng Shui of it cat

here the Feng Shui it's so cleaning your

home it's it's it's your it's the

receptacle it's gonna reflect your

energy so cleaning your home throwing

things out letting go of clutter very

very much has to do with grounding and

strengthening your lifeforce

so work on taking care of your home

literally as a practice okay that's


oh what a malachite yes malachite is

good I gotta keep going people have

short attention spans like I told you

so that was 18 wait no that was 17

healthy food 18 focus on your housing 19

focus on family or tribe god I need to

get to 21 it looks like I only have 20

sorry okay let's break out that focus on

family in real life I wrote so healing

family relationships is a way to help

strengthen the root chakra now that's a

huge you could just work on that right

so fractured family relationships

painful relationships mom or dad

especially those key relationships check

out my video on trauma and the root

chakra and I'll put it here

once the video is permanently uploaded

watch that video on trauma and the root

chakra so try to heal family

relationships and again each of these is

going to be broken out into a video if

family is too tough in real life and

some of us really have dysfunctional

abusive families in which case goddess

you do not need you need to protect

yourself and really listen to what is

right for you I totally can relate to

that if you can't focus on your in real

life family then I have a beautiful way

and actually that does get us to 20 yay

focus on the ancestors um

this is becoming more and more I'm

seeing people really tapping into that

Oprah always talks about how she

connects to her ancestors she has a

beautiful quote whatever you think about

Oprah though she's on everybody's vision

board so I don't know if you don't like

it stuff Oprah says there's a quote she

said where when she walks into a room

like a business meeting or something she

feels that she is flanked by her

ancestors now I get chills as I say that

that's very very powerful you're not

walking in goddess alone to the job

interview or whatever just feel your

ancestors like just out to the side and

when I say ancestors and this is

something I really want to talk about

more on the channel this will be in a

couple months and also next year I don't

mean your recent ancestors what my

training is telling me in shamanism is

that I'm going to be honest with you I

have a lot of dysfunction in my family

the recent family what I urge you to do

if you want to work with this as a

healing practices go back go back ten

generations okay connect energetically

with those ancestors and again they can

be from anywhere in the world your

ancestry is going to amaze

you we most of us have ancestors in just

every continent there was ancestry so

and when you energetically and

spiritually tune into that try and heal

that that line okay so you want to go

before the trauma is what I'm trying to

say so say your grandpa was an alcoholic

or your great-grandfather you knew he

was a little crazy and then grandpa was

an alcoholic and then dad was troubled

jump over the trauma and go back to all

of us beautiful goddess you had

ancestors that were healers that were

midwives that were rulers that were

officials and in government you have

that were herbalist okay all of us all

of us no matter your background now in

this life you had ancestors that were

very powerful and so you would tune in

to those so that was 20 I got through it

let's see how long did that take me I

can't see you guys without my glasses

and I don't put my glasses on I don't

wear him in my video so I hope this was

helpful so what I'd love for you to do

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they'll send you notifications but if

you want it on your phone when your

phone has to allow notifications so I'm

gonna be working on the root chakra

because honestly if you're watching this

you're probably a spiritual person and

to be very honest with you often the

spiritual ones like us the lightworkers

the healers the sensitive the empath

which I am also an empath which believe

me is not a great thing we often have a

weak root chakra Society is also trying

to destabilize your root chakra and

that's the truth that's a truth Ruth