How to Unlock a Miter Saw

hey guys it's Lindsay vip-style and

today I just want to do a super quick

introduction into using a miter saw or a

chop saw and we have a miter saw so I'm

going to be showing you on and your

we're not even going to cut anything

like today is to super basic like we're

talking baby steps and the reason I

thought it would be a good idea to start

with this is because um I remember years

ago when my husband knows at work and I

thought you know what I can do this I

can totally cut this one on my own I

don't need to wait for him I'm just

gonna pull out the saw and chop my piece

of wood every be good to go so I pulled

it out and I plugged it in and it was

locked and I couldn't hug it into it I

was so frustrated like I can't even join

about Matt I was and I'm calling him

getting this voice calling me good

personality he's never getting so mad

and um

so eventually I was able to get a hold

of him and he probably panicked it was

like what's your emergency but uh

regardless I figured out how to do it

and so I wanted to show you guys just

how to set this thing up um so today I'm

going to show you on our miter saw if

you have a chop saw I might be similar

and but just how to unlock these guys

and get going so I'm gonna take you over

to ours and show you how to do all right

so here's our miter saw and we have a

rigid and we have it on this funky base

where we can kind of pull it out when we

want to use it or stick it back one home

is store it and but if you look on the

back here you can see the power cord so

undo that

and get yourself plugged in and there's

two steps to get this thing unlocked and

going so you can see now right here like

if I want to lift up it's not going if I

want to slide back and forth

I've got no movement and so the first

thing to do is unlock your slide and

that is this part right here if you go

to the back of it you'll probably find

some sort of a little pin or old dial

here and if you take that and just twist

it to the lift a few times until it's

loose you don't want to bring it all the

way out just until it kind of moves

freely and then you'll see that you can

now move with a front and back motion

that's step one step two is going to be

to come up here towards the front of the

saw and you'll see this little half

circle and if you go up to it there's a

spring in here and if you just pull that

dial towards you it releases the saw now

you can take that dial and just spin it

forward out of your way and now when you

grab a hold of this off you've got your

up-and-down motion so you can pull it

out chop and slide back through your

wood so super easy super simple steps

but gotta have it got a note in order to

even get started

hope that helps and check back for more

tutorials and we'll show you guys how to

actually run this thing and chop some