How To Unlock Your FireStick In Less Than 60 Seconds Make It Awesome In 5 Minutes TodayIFeelLike

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hey everyone this is larry welcome back

to today i feel like today i'm going to

show you how you can unlock your fire


in less than 60 seconds and how you can

pretty much

install anything you want in less than

five minutes

it's super easy let's check it out

okay so here we are on my fire stick and

let me show you how quick and easy it is

you can get this done

in less than 60 seconds i'm just going

to make sure i'm on my home screen and

my fire stick

i'm going to scroll over to the settings

section right there

from settings i'm going to scroll down

and go over to where it says

my fire tv and click right there and now

i'm going to scroll down to where it

says developer options and click that

and from here it's going to say it's

going to say adb debugging and apps from

unknown sources

i'm going to click adb debugging and

make sure that it's turned on if it's

turned off just make sure you turn it on

and now where it says apps from unknown

sources where it says off click it to