Samsung FingerPrint Bypass Hack Explained!

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hey you want to see a magic trick check

this out no match no match match now I'm

gonna place this beautiful gel case on

top of this not ten plus and here we are

you can unlock any Samsung phone within

screen fingerprint scanner using a gel

case I'm sure everyone covered this

right yeah all the big you know oh it's

because it's Samsung what if we put an

apple sticker there yes then then it's

gonna be on the main page joking aside

there are a lot of information going on

about this and what I understood is

anyone with a gel case can unlock your

phone using any of their fingers wait

wait wait it's not even a finger so I do

all my research and this is what I found

first of all even though there's a video

showing a guy scanning his finger and

then putting on the gel case and unlocks

everything with all other fingers in my