How To Unlock ANY iPhone without THE Passcode or TouchID

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hey guys in this video I'm gonna show

you a beautiful streak that been found

in iOS 9 so you can simply hack in on

somebody's iPhone so by simply bypassing

the passcode so as you can see if I'm

trying with my sisters forms if I type

the passcode it's actually saying

incorrect password and it's not allowing

me to see content through inside the

iPhone so oh the bug is actually found

in iOS 9 so like you can simply a bypass

that's the passcode so using this theory

so again I'm not here I'm gonna show you

I'm now here to teach you like hacking

things like that random stuff so this

guide will not do not use this guide for

any Unser chain of reasons so this guide

will get me help if you suspect on some

body like like girlfriend/boyfriend so

if you suspect your girlfriend's you can

take your phone and you can see the

content fooled by this method so anyway

you can follow this method so what I'm

going to do the exactly the way so again

I'm gonna show you the legit iPhone so

if I type it touch ID it's actually not

working so anyway we're gonna use a Siri