Turn off Find my iPhone with password,how to turn off find your iPhone without password,phone number

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hello friends welcome back to my channel

today in this video I am gonna show you

how to turn off Find My iPhone without

password on iPhone iPad many Apple user

facing this problem so guys if you

facing this problem then keep watching

this video until the end so first of all

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let's start it solution 1 firstly open

setting on your iOS device inserting way

scroll down to find privacy and tap it

then privacy pane click on location

services in location services page click

on system services then turn off Find My

iPhone so guys if does not work on your

iPhone then try to next method so go

back on home page solution to open

setting inserting page click on Apple ID

user name at top of the page next scroll

don't find iCloud and tap it in iCloud

will click on Find My iPhone then turn

off Find My iPhone now click on question

mark then tap on forget Apple ID then

click on next enter your phone number

and click on your phone number

interviewer verification code verify

email to verify email click on send code

no go back on home page click on your

mail app then enter your email address

then get verification code and enter