What to do with an AT&T Financed iPhone, can you unlock it?

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hey guys how you doing this is your

friend Alex on this video I want to talk

about the iPhone 11 Pro max for AT&T and

the reason I want to talk about this

phone is because I bought it on offer up

will actually trade it I knew it was

locked to AT&T so I was really hesitant

to buy it because I know that what

happened with these phones is sometimes

you buy them and then the owner claimed

it as lost or stolen and they

blacklisted so in reality guys whenever

you buy a phone on offer up there's a

chance that the seller will claim it at

loss or stolen in a future day you know

a month two months three months who

knows who knows when they're gonna claim

it and once they claim it the phone is

going to become blacklisted and one is


you cannot activate it on any carrier so

you need to be really careful guys but

what I want to tell you guys is that

even if you finance the phone with AT&T

if you don't report it lost or stolen

they are not gonna blacklist it so what

does that mean that means that let's say

I buy a phone on AT&T I get a payment

plan I pay for three months five months

I don't know and then I decide to sell