Dragon ball Xenoverse 2 How to get Final Shine Attack!!!

what is good everybody it is your boy

super sand cab here back with another

video for you guys today it's gonna be a

short and simple how-to video basically

on how to get final shine because this

move seems to be a move that a lot of

people do not know how to get and

recently I've been seeing a lot of

comments on that how do you get this

move how do you get this move and then I

recently saw when I said how do you get

final shine attacked there aren't any

videos on YouTube on how to get this

move and I was like there's no way

there's usually videos all over for any

kind of move basically if you want to

know how to get any move you can usually

search YouTube and there will be a video

on how to get that certain particular

move and then we're absolutely none for

final shine so I figure out make this

video for those who don't know how to

get it and are having problems getting

this move but basically got the only way

to get this move is through the tipi

metal shop now the tipi metal shop how

can I put this

it's basically bipolar sometimes it has

what you want sometimes it doesn't like

it changes on a weekly basis what is in

the TP shop changes on a weekly basis

some things will be there every week but

other things like final shyness hat will

not be there every week sometimes it may

not be there for a couple weeks in a row

like right now we have the reefs we have

the upcoming on DLC coming out this week

and they don't have bojack's clothes or

any of his apprentices clothes available

that just shows you how the tipi

photoshop constantly changes it's

constantly switching every week and the

stuff that you can get from the tipi

metal shop switches every week guys

as you see for me though i can't click

the skills button because i literally

bought every skill that the TP shop has

available to us as of right now but

again the TP metal shop just does change

on a weekly basis like honestly for an

upcoming video that i actually have for

you guys I made a Madara Uchiha CAC it

took me four weeks of waiting just to it

for the banjo pan to pop up in the TP

metal shop guys

so if the final sign attack is not

popping up for you it's a two weeks in a

row it doesn't pop up that doesn't mean

it's never going to pop up it's just how

xenoverse is with this TP metal shop I

really don't understand why they do that

honestly they should just have

everything available to us in the TP

metal shop at all times on the weekends

I mean it's enough that we got to wait

for it to come on the weekend but then

it's the weekend and you don't even have

what we want like you took away final

shine attack for example like people

were waiting for this skill saving if

they save up the TP medals next week the

skill is gone it's not there you got to

wait like a week or two just for it to

come back so that's how the TP medal

shop really works guys and that's why

people are having issues those of you

who have not been able to get final

shine attack yet that is a simple reason

why you haven't been able to get final

shine again the TP metal shop is just

bipolar it is constantly changing on a

weekly basis and there's no guarantee

for the skill accessory or piece of

clothing that you want to be in the TP

metal shop regardless of if you saw it

there last week and not because again

guys it's constantly changing so for

those who are having trouble with

getting final shine attack you just

gotta wait it out you got to be patient

and continue to wait until a weekend

shows up with final shine attack finally

in the TT metal shop for you but again

hope this video has helped you guys out

especially those who are having trouble

I know a lot of people already have

final shine attack but for those who are

having trouble getting this move I know

there are a bunch of comments left on my

videos on how to get final shine and

then again like I said the one comment

that really made me make this video was

the one that said there are no videos on

YouTube on how to get this move so I

hope this video helps you guys out hope

you guys have a good day as always until

next time be sure