FFXIV 2.45 0454 Final Coil of Bahamut Unlock Quest

and we're back for another episode in

this episode I'm gonna be unlocking the

final coil of Bahamut so finally got

turn line down I'm very happy to have

done it and I hope you guys enjoyed the

video in case you haven't done it


and as always hello from me free so I'm

back with Yuri on Jay here in the waking

sands so let's do it so the quest is

called fragments of truth

so it says Yuri on Jay would speak with

you regarding your mission to prevent

Bahamas so man is willing to cast


wheresoever secrets lie high lie hidden

darkness though that which he alumina

f-- seldom bringeth him joy so it is

with such unhappy truths as Bahamas

immense shadow DAF concealed yet ever

onward for getif mister of Elysees

undeterred by the burden of knowledge

that way of heavy on her heart it is a

perilous path she has chosen and the

painful one I proved him if we remain by

her side as her valiant blade as she

might see her quest to his conclusion so

Murphree is well that you are here my

lady how am i I serve you this day I

have met with some difficulty in my

mission Yuri on Jay and I should be

grateful for your counsel as you know

bahamas physical form is regenerating

beneath the carton of flats even as we



if we are to prevent his return we must

needs disable the two remaining

internment hulks that sustained him

every moment our mission is delayed the

realm is pushed closer to the brink of

destruction alas though I have

determined the locations of the

fragments of dalla mood leading to the

halts I've been unable to find a way to

enter them and gaining admittance is but

the first step in your perilous

undertaking when last I'll descended

it's bahamut's all-terrain fastness

though this discovered this thou not

that the dread primal had bound the

shade of nail Van darkness onto his will

and though thou did consign the Fallen

laggards us to Blessed oblivion thou

mayst recall that the piteous wretch was

not alone thou not but that Bahamas

other thrall shall seek to hinder thy

passage well it's difficult reading his

text that says you can say his name your

yong-jae I have not forgotten my

grandfather is waiting for us my lady I

would remind you as I must offer remind

myself that the man whom we both loved

and revered is no more what remain if is

but a shade which defile if his memory

the vile verbiage the spill if from his

list but not be heeded for it cometh not

from your grandsire but from bahama

himself you need not worry URI on J come

what may I will not stray from the

course I will not let grandfather

sacrifice be in vain but mere words will

not take us whether we must go as I said

I have been unable to find a way to

enter the fragments of dala mood my lady

I might suggest that you visit the

fragments again in my free company fall

off half the warrior of lights set

events in motion by virtue of

presence alone it is possible that she

may do so again

I the while shall search for answers on

my own by our efforts combined fall sure

that I that the Pao shall be revealed to


ere long I hope that we needed to

concentrate reading that so where anyone

else I should question the wisdom of

such advice yet cannot deny that what

you say about me free is true very well

I shall do as you suggest

assuming you have no objections of

course good

now we seek entry to two fragments of

dalamud one lies in the burning wall in

eastern vanillin the other at the

singing shards in Moldova I left an

assistance at each location an assistant

I should say at each location with

instructions to continue searching for a

means to ingress it is not impossible

that they could since have found

something useful to us let us begin by

visiting my man at the burning wall

index I think it was

cool so we need to go to the burning

wall so quickest way is to teleport to

camp cry barn let's go there's still one

of my favorite destination since a realm

reborn launched more than a year ago it

sounds a teleporting because it's kind

of out of the way but it's kind of close

to a few other places so that's why I

had made it a favorite teleport area and

I kept it that way so the burning wall

is here so you have a choice you can

either go over the bridge or you can go

through this long winding way I'm

passing on a gold over the bridge so it

is nice to make progress with raiding

Asaf like that it's like I said though

before is I mean each piece in a person

has their own opinion but for me raiding

is just one part of the game is just

another factor of the world in terms of

story and once you see the story I don't

see that much gain and doing it again

but I'm not the sort of person that has

a need to clear the raids every single

week and be the quickest in the world

and all that stuff that's just not me I

know that a lot of people do like that

and they do ain't for that they were

together hard to get that far but I have

really not ever been able to find a

group that can sustain that level of

commitment not in all of my years in

MMOs and I've been playing at Momo's for

more than ten years and it's just

unfortunate because of my timezone

because in I'm sure if I lived in the

u.s. I would probably have a lot of

people to play at the same time with but

because I'm in the UK finding people my

timezone can always be a challenge

that's for sure so yeah that's my rant

over basically yes I am I am happy to

get this done to see the story and

there's pretty good awesome to be honest

but like I said it's a it's a one and

done thing for me


let's see how far we have to go to here

all the way to the bottom I guess we'll

find out let's go all the way to the


well maybe not curious is ELISA is a


so I say are you not mistress Menna fill

my lady's most faithful companion sinner

smother at your service I may I say what

an honor it is to meet you

how goes the survey Dex uh-huh milady

it's changed me to say that I have found

no viable path to the fragment though

Estanza before our very eyes the way

fever has thus far proven impossible

when the fragment fell in pestle and

that caused a for dishes amount of a fur

to spew forth which was this I gave rise

to the lands twisted lay which seems

destined to water efforts even were an

open to exist I fear though we were

struggle to reach it we cannot give up

keep trying so near yet so far well it

veils us not to stand here and stare at

the thing that's a way to more donor and

try the other fragment perhaps sin us

has fared better upon that note my lady

there is something I must tell you I am

sorry to report I lost contact with my

brother just over a Belle ago as you

know the singing shards are haunts of

many foul creatures overs among them

while I did not wish to cause you undue

alarm I fear something unspeakable may

have happened to Dex what why didn't you

give me strength we were sorry to my

assistance aid my free


okay so now we need to go to more donor

all right up here so that's the teleport

straight there and revenues toll is my

other favorite that destination so my

third one is Costa del Sol my free

destination you can get one free

destination if you have the what's it

called the you know the security token

for the game either the software token

or the physical one if you have it

enabled for your account the one-time

password then you can choose one free

location on your teleport list which in

my case is always limbs element so one

thing as well if you've gotten this far

into the game and you've finished her 9

is also a quest to unlock savage coil

which I will do in a separate episode

in case you were wondering what that

quest was in what in revenues toll

that's what the quest was is to unlock

salvaged coil

it's not anything I'll be doing anytime

soon but you know just having the option

is nice


okay here's our laser system I'm gonna

be interrupted


so Lisa's assistant says thank you

adventurer for a moment there I fear

that my barns worth to be ground up and

used to bake bread I am relieved to see

that you are harmed it was wrong of me

to press such a dangerous task upon you

my lady your worries are wasted on me

which was nothing at all I assure you if

it please you I shall report on my

findings as you can see through though

the tip of the fragment is exposed and

the rest is encased in rock and crystal

rending it impossible to enter the

structure we might try escalating the

area around the fragment but that is

like to take time and there really is no

telling how deep we may need to dig

before we find a suitable point of

ingress as such I am forced to conclude

that gaining entry into this fragment is

unrealistic forgive me my lady confound

it we are losing precious time what are

we to do now so desire Aeon show

glad-tidings have I for the young my

lady for a blessing away have been found

by which thou mayst enter the remaining

fragments of dala boot preyas caught

mistress are these into the carton all

processing plant in oven fan Alon there

all shall be made clear

you're yong-gi sound away then we must

go to him at once


yes close to the Ethernet which has

always been

my apologies for summoning you thus far

from sorry thus from afar milady

but it's here that your journey may

finally begin I did wonder to my

knowledge there are no fragments in

northern fan island nor are you mistaken


yeah a pathway does exist one which

you're yourself I made use of in the

past at the conclusion of your several

forays into the binding court was that

the crystal formation which lay up to

the north of this place that you did

emerge was it not

like yes a nefarious dream for us back

to the surface but I sorry that much I

had surmised are you suggesting that we

can use it to return on the ground and

even if that were possible would it not

simply bear us back to those places

which we have already explored you need

not milady pray allow me to explain upon

the evidence of your experience as

seemeth plane that the two intimates of

hulks may share the self-same ethereal

ingress from this we did infer that the

others may be connected in the likewise

thus we did labor long to verify the

existence of further to retrieve boo

trees to the self-same stream in which

tasks we were at length successful twas

then but a matter of arriving at a

solution to the problem of travelling to

an unattended to their destination that

one might reach what we may call the

headwater we proposed to employ a

modifies a for right which serve earth

to amplify such ripples as to originate

from said source by focusing ones

essence upon these ripples it should be

possible to make the journey yet be

fairly warned my lady

as with all untried modes of ethereal

travel travel this method entail of

considerable danger merely to attempt

the voyage could cost you your life

that is a risk I'm willing to take you

are brilliant Yuri on Jake

I am curious did you have assistance in

forming this plan

I cannot help noticing your repeated use

of the word we unless you have taken to

using the Majestic plural in our absence

I have named my lady as you have

correctly surmised I was not alone in

this endeavor meaning there are others

who are aware of what mission

well it cannot be helped now prevailing

bombers return is what matters if some

secrecy must be sacrificed to achieve

our goal then so be it pulse let's now

go back so basically we're going to the

place where we kept legs a team like ten

five and ten nine

so I'm guessing they're going to use

that to get to the final coil which

makes perfect sense I guess here they

are nice little a for right there so

that must be the modified a fuh but what

are the immortal flames doing here those

men may be sworn flames of Walder but

they are first and foremost faithful

retainers of house living there


alpha node so it was you who was helping

your er J who else could it have been

sister dear sister lest you worry I have

no intention of making the details of

your venture public like you I would

prefer to avoid causing a panic but

given that which is at stake namely the

survival of the realm one must be

willing to accept help when it is

offered would you not agree at the very

least do not cross with Yuri on che

which was at my behest that he kept


hmm we will speak later pray forgive me

my lady but knowing full well your

intent I judged to meet that master

alpha node be informed though your

grandsire have become Bahamas role his

noble blood course of yet through both

your veins and if he must need to be

struck down


do you hear that I'll fold I mean to

strike down grandfather and when I have

done so I shall banish Bahamut to the

iPhone nothing you say will sway me from

my course I will protect yours you and I

will uphold grandfather's legacy

grandfather's legacy so you still do not

know what you yourself desire your

actions are still driven by borrowed

resolve borrowed resolved what does that

have to do with anything

protecting your deal with was

grandfather's goal and we made it ours

both of us that is why we came here

unless you have foregone god forbids I

should ever forget Elysees but you

misunderstand I do not question your

resolve only once it came if it were

your own

you would be able to tell me precisely

why you desire so fervently to protect

Eorzea yet you cannot for is not your

resolve for grandfathers you may

struggle to see the difference but

borrowed resolve shall never be as

strong as that which brings from within

well let's speak of another this another

time for now preventing bahamas returned

is all that matters to be plain i have

no objections in striking down whatever

is left of grandfather know however that

i will be accompanying you this time as

a son of house living ler I would

present for his final moments will be

present I should say very well you may

join us one one condition I will make

the decisions


if it please milady the names oaken Oh

Conrad our preparations are just about

complete when you're ready to embark on

your mission just give me the word I'll

be waiting for you at the Cardinal

processing plant


pay no heed to my brother you can rely

on me we have come far together you and

I and together we shall see our journey

to its end so let's now go back to your



so it's possible that the entrance to

final call farm is right here I've been

waiting for you mistress Mehta Phil I am

pleased to say that the ethereal is

primed and ready as you know the

remaining internment Hulk's are

connected to the fragments in eastern

Faneuil animal donor it is to the former

that we'll be sending you first now

you'll be starting inside the Hulk

meaning you won't have to cover so much

ground the drawback being that you'll be

fighting for your life from the moment

you go get there best be prepared for

anything for my lady's sake if not your

own and that is all I can tell you when

your preparations are annoyed you just

give me the word I will send you on your

way I may even throw in a prayer for

your speedy return just be on the safe

side okay so that's complete

so as you now have access to the final

call of Bahamut the subterranean

labyrinth can be accessed by speaking

with our Conrad for detail such as

condition of entry speak with the flame

sergeant awesome so that's the entrance

to find a caller right there

so anyway that's it for this episode

thank you for watching and as always

goodbye from me goodbye from every