How to unlock your keyboard - Filter Keys (Windows 10)

hey guys welcome to my channel I'm like

always I'm Brian so a problem I've been

having a few of my pcs is that the

keyboard keeps getting locked out and no

matter what I do all you hear is a weird

tone and I don't know if it's been a

Windows Update or cats or babies you

know animal interferences messing with

the keyboards but today I'm going to

show you how I fix the problem and I'm

gonna show you how I did it

shanlee style all right what you're

gonna do is go down to the tool bar on

the right side and you'll see something

that says filter keys

you go and double click on that and I

should bring up this it's called set up

filter keys so what happens is if you

hold down the shift button for longer

than eight seconds it locks your

keyboard out or steps up sets up

something called filter keys which if

you're hitting too many buttons too fast

it will only take a few inputs every

couple of seconds so I don't know why

that's a good thing but yeah what you're

going to do is are going to go up to the

corner here where I already clicked and

says turn off filter keys and then hit

apply and then we will go ahead and


screw it let's open up paint for fun and

we'll do text key and then look you got

your keyboard back pretty simple and


if you're done hit okay and applying all

that stuff and just I would verify it

before you actually close out just in

case because once you turn it off the

filter Keys is not going to be an option

down in the tool bar the so that being

said guys I really hope that helped you

out um I realized that this may not fix

everyone's problem but this is one that

fixed mine it was actually really hard

for me to find something that said how

to fix it a lot of things wanted me to

download like a Windows installer

updater tool repair kit and things like

that and this is something you can do

real fast for a start downloading these

your computer especially if you don't

have a keyboard so you make it really

hard to navigate the internet with just

a mouse anyway guys like I said I hope

this helped you out if it did give me a

thumbs up go ahead and leave a comment

down below if you have any other

questions I'll do my best to try to help

anyone else that also still has a lot of

keyboard lockout problem if you guys

need a faster response than YouTube you

can always hit me up on my social medias

and things like that those are also in

the description and this was unlocking

your computer done Chinle style