Unlock Locked Files With Unlocker

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hey geeks Tim Tibbets with major geeks

comma today we're gonna take a look at

unlocker we're going to look at a few

things here it's ad-supported it is not

at the time I did this video Windows 10

was not supported we're going to test it

under Windows 10 spoiler alert it works

and we're going to give you a little

warning here so you don't have any

problems basically this program will

unlock files that are somehow locked you

can't access them or delete them a

little bit more for advanced users you

don't want to start randomly deleting

and unlocking files in Windows that are

locked for good reason to protect your

operating system as you install it you

will get the Delta toolbar offer click

advanced click where it says or uncheck

install Delta toolbar hit next

I would not bother with this because it

hasn't been updated in three years so

you don't really want this thing

checking for updates every day or every

week the Explorer extension I don't

think anybody needs that that would be

under your right-click it would add an

extension here unless you're locking

files all the time so now the biggest

thing with this program you need to know