How to unlock file safe in oppo moblies

so I am going to explain how to unlock

the file safe that is in oppa phones so

first of all that open files and you're

right here file file save so we forgot

our password no need to worry about that

or you can unlock easily so first you

have to go to play store then type quick

shortcut sorry

so my net is slow that's why then you do

time no not to worry about that

so your quick shot code maker so I have

this I have Halliday so we have to go to

the wrap I search for files the I do

then go to unlock mode you're right here

I try for it

pattern under click pattern Paso then

chair keep any password as you wish so

I'm keeping this puzzle redraw oh then

go to files and file safe so draw your

unlock pattern is open so thank you for

watching my video and please subscribe