Life Hack 2 - How to easily pick a filing cabinet lock 2019 ( and re lock it after !)

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hello fellow youtubers so this is kind

of a part two video to my first one I'm

the first one I don't know if you've

seen it or not but I bought it you know

use desk and add drawers in it and I

they didn't have the keys for it so I

actually successfully picked the lock

with just using basic hand tools so I

thought I would carry this over for a

second video and now I'm doing it on my

filing cabinet I do have the keys for

this so I'm gonna unlock it I'll show

you guys it's unlocked gonna lock it it

is is lock take the key out now just

using three basic hand tools I got a

very small screwdriver I've got a steel

punch and then I got a little bit larger

multi-tool flat-head screwdriver we're

gonna start with this the steel punch

set this in there and there's just

little tumblers you have to kind of work

your way you start with the first one

then you move to the next into the next

you lift them up and you might hear them

clicking a little bit you might have to

play with them then you stick in the

small screwdriver the little flathead

and twist at the same time that should

open it up eventually

sometimes you might have to keep trying