Fifa 14 | Kick-Off Goal Tutorial | How to score DIRECTLY after Kick-Off | PatrickHDxGaming

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hey yo what's up my friends it's Patrick

here and welcome to this tutorial for

FIFA 14 today I want to show you how to

score goats

directly after your own kickoff the

first example in the background shows

your beautiful goal both Akbar Lahore of

course you won't score such goals every

time but the following method is very

easy to do and also very effective this

example here is a normal one the first

step is passing the ball back to the

center then wait a little moment and

pass it forward and after that you just

need to score the goal very easy I will

show you the control to need now while

passing the ball back right after the

kickoff make sure to hold l1 l1 is lb on

the Xbox

the reason is easy holding everyone

makes your player who just pass the ball

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