Some items from my time in Miami FDC B.O.P. institutionalized SanDisk MP3 player

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hey guys and here one time no video so

I'm going to show you some things I got

from that I purchased while I was in

Miami Federal Detention Center in Miami

FTC so shut it cuz some people say oh

you know you were in prison you know I

was in prison I wasn't prison all slim

person but I was in prison I bought this

Tupperware container I mean you have to

but if you ever go to you have to buy it

temple you have to otherwise you're not

gonna get cereal in the morning and

you're not gonna get half the meals that

don't come with a tray and cereals or so

these are kind of this one already

showed you know dude

this is what the down Anton came in even

though that didn't help

I still took it anyway really up

my teeth here's another one because I

finished the other pack of the other

path throughout ibuprofen six hundreds

this is the strongest medication you

will get and in structure pain

medication you will get into NFL even

then gel it was probably the strongest

you'll ever get stages in the name

that's my code my ID right there see 10

14 16 now I kept asking them what

there's a little tiny Ascot I can't see