Plastic air freshener spray can? Febreze

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hello grip galaxy video gaming here

doing a web my name is that anymore

um really one make this video for a

while I'm fascinated love it by this I

always it used to be these air freshener

Febreze branded uh another comes East

you don't remember

um I thought these were metal but now

they're plastic and look at the bottom

and I thought it's like a bomb of a pop

bottle soda bottle and yeah curious and

I peeled the label off one leg um I

don't know peelable thing whatever um

there's a bottom like cap slid off

basically there's a piece of that just

rips and then just all that peels off

one long strip look at that and yeah

it's completely see-through

and you can squeeze it and I remember

Ben smell funny after so yeah I just

really faster that the bottles look like

can still but they read their plastic

your compressed air and then you can

feel her like this was really tough you

can't squeeze let's make squeeze

Olympics I think is running out more but

this one pray else lost him if you I

know you - like Dahlia is think you

waste more air than liquid which is good

but yeah now I even with some metal cans