FATE & FORTUNE CARDS EXPLAINED How To Get "Gobble Gum 2.0" in Infinite Warfare Zombies (IW Gameplay)

ladies and gentlemen what the heck is

going on my name is usman and today

bring as a full full guide explaining

everything you need to know about fate

and fortune cards in infinite warfare

zombies it is a little different but it

is still quite similar to the gobblegum

system from black ops 3 zombies I would

say this is a god like a 2.0 system TBH

you know I'm saying but anyways guys

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without any further to do let's get

right into it now when you add the main

menu of zombies you want to go to load

up selection and you'll have weapon kits

and fate and fortune cards now the best

way for me to explain this year would be

that fate is the classic gumball and

fortune card is the mega gumball from

black ops 3 zombie it is the same and

here you got like five cards like you

would have like $5 comes in black ops 3

you know I'm saying you can simply hover

over any one of them and select a new

one and replace it with a fate or a

fortune card and the Fate card and locks

by you ranking up like you would unlock

classic gumballs by ranking up in black

ops 3 zombies you know I'm saying you

unlock all of them by getting up to rank

40 I did a video about ranking of fast

and zombies yesterday so definitely

check it after this and fortune cards

you get by opening the zombie crates and

if you head over there you will see a

common one which required 10 keys and

rare one requires 32 I got Diggity damn

and well you got a place like that

infinitive art and keys are basically

liquid divinium zyou no I'm saying and

by opening any crate you will get it

will get you like two items and three

different fate and fortune cards now in

rear zombie squid you can even get three

different cards twice which is just like

Hot Diggity damn you know I'm saying now

in game they work a little differently

that's like their unique touch like

infinity war it's unique touch in

infinite warfare zombies you know I'm

saying they work a little differently

you have to fill up the devil meter as

you guys can see that devil mater you

have to fill it up a by making them

laugh or rage I don't know man papa

bless you no I'm saying you have to do

it by killing zombies shooting zombies

getting points rebuilding barriers

angin Sprague's pack punching dadadada

you get the idea right you will make

that meter go from zero to a handle real

quick and once the meter is full you now

have the ability to activate the card

and keep in mind you can also scroll up

and down and choose a different card and

you can only do this when the meter is

full on my very first time I would just

activate it without knowing and [ __ ]

like that but you can scroll up and down

to pick a different card now once you

activate your first card you have to

recharge your meter again which is just

a pain in the ass and this time it will

take you a bit longer to do every time

you activate a card you have to do it

again and will take you a lot longer and

once you're out of cards you can refill

your cards as well like and you know by

going over to one of this bozo looking

thing and you have to pay $5,000 on man

just kill me already and this bozo guy

also refill your cards if you want him

to even after using just one card just

one card and he will refill four for you

such a nice guy

hashtag good guy in the chat and in game

you can only refill twice and second

time the second time you want to refill

your cards it will cost you $10,000 just

like kill me for the second time already

and it may change in the future if

Infinity Ward decides to patch or maybe

on round 50 you have the option to

refill for the third time I don't know

man I haven't flied to run 50 you know

I'm saying but let me know in the

comment section down below what you guys

think if you like the system rod I think

it's pretty cool once we get used to it

it will be really really good for doing

like crazy type of challenges you know

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ranking of system guide for infinite

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