Mortal Kombat XL: How to Unlock/Do/Perform All Stage Fatalities With All Characters! (All Inputs)

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hey what's going on guys Bruce Bowl

productions here back with an all-new

four different guys today and in today's

videos gonna be talking about a question

a lot of you guys have been asking me

and that is how do you do the staged

fatalities in Mortal Kombat X how do you

do with Raiden how do you do it with

tremor how do you do it with katana and

I've been trying to answer every single

one of you guys and I still get an

overlord of this questions on my Twitter

and stuff and I'm surprised nobody has

talked about this so I might as well

take the initiative of doing it myself

so as we all know when you get Mortal

Kombat Excel the stage fatalities are

locked for some reason they're locked

even with the combat packed two

characters and a lot of people have been

really kind of frustrated because they