MKX: How to Unlock All Fatalities Quick and Free! Tutorial!

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hey guys flash boring gaming here with

another Mortal Kombat tutorial in this

video I'm going to show you how to

unlock everybody's second fatality for

free and without going into the Crypt

now you can use all your coins for

brutality's and unlockable skins and

whatnot the works so to start off you're

going to want to go to training mode and

then go to fatality practice I'm going

to choose ferret or because I do not

have their second fatality and sub-zero

simply because he popped up

this is a very quick and easy way to get

everybody's second fatality no coins

needed alright as you can see above me I

have the first fatality but that's not

the one I want so I'm gonna hit pause go

to moves finishers and as you can see I

do not have the second fatality unlocked

yet however I haven't saved on my phone

and I'm gonna look up real quick

there we go and as you can see I just

said ferret or a second fatality without

having it unlocked yet however if I hit


press pause go to moves and then

finishers you will see that I do in fact

have the second fatality unlocked this

works with everybody so yeah no more