The New Fantasy Horse Island!! • Horse Haven - Episode #142

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hello everyone and welcome back to horse

Haven and today we are here for a really

a big update because that mysterious

island has apparently unlocked so we are

going to go dive up there and we are

going to check out the brand new ranch

I'm pretty sure it's a ranch for our

fantasy horses and just a moment though

I have to say the the coins are doing

something very weird right now oh my

gosh that was like creepy demon coins we

were collecting from our horses but

let's go ahead and clear up the paddock

really quickly and I just wanted to say

it so sorry I am so sorry you glorious

glorious Aquarius I was not able to

spend the time that I needed to in order

to try to breed for the Aquarius this

time around but I really as I always say

I'm going to try to put a lot more

effort forward on to the next

constellation horse because the next

constellation horse will start edging

into a little bit closer my birth month

and there's always something special

about being able to have like your birth

horses the Pisces 2 is not going to be

exactly my birth horse because my

birthday is on March 26th but last

year's Pisces are still some of my