Family Mobile Walmart iPhone Unlock Video RSim How To

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hey guys quick video

I bought this family mobile iPhone se on

Black Friday for $100 not knowing that

it only works in family mobile because I

saw this t-mobile banner it doesn't work

on t-mobile or any other carrier it's in

fact locked on family mobile for a year

you have to use it for a year actually

not just for you that's a use family

mobile for a year activated on their

plan with your little sim that they

attached indistinct now I don't like

your plans I have my own family plan

with t-mobile so what I did was I bought

this our sim our sim 12 on eBay for

under $20 I think they're like $8 it's a

little chip you're going to plug it in

your phone just like this t-mobile Sam

on top with the arsim under it you know

it's pretty easy to put in you slide in

the r7 first then your SIM card and you

put it in no this is the same phone by

the way I'm just not gonna show the IMEI

because I don't want security to be

biased on this phone but market this is

the new iccid this is what you guys will

need when you're on the activation

screen and you put in d3

damn it Mike let me show you guys how to

put it in see this you're gonna slide it