Super Smash Bros Ultimate: How to Unlock Falco

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hey everyone I'm gonna be talking about

how to unlock Falco in Super Smash

Brothers ultimate basically every single

character that can be unlocked can be

gotten through playing the game you can

get them from the world of light you

could get them after playing some of the

adventure mode you can get them from

playing classic mode you can even get

new characters by just playing some

matches it's all about getting playtime

in and completing matches much like it

was for the last Super Smash Brothers

wherever you do manage to unlock them

they'll be available to use through any

of the game modes so for example if you

unlock the character in the world of

light you can use them to kick your

friends butts in any matches if you

played classic mode by the way you'll

see that new challenger screen pop up

after you exit back to the main menu

it won't happen Midway for that game

mode and yeah now that I mentioned that

actually that's how you'll know you're

gonna get a new character by the way

you'll have a message letting you know

that a new challenger approaches once

you see that message you're gonna be

facing off against them and you'll need