RS2007-How to unlock fairy rings without Tale Part2 requirments made easy

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hello guys I'm going to be showing you

guys how to get full access to the

bearings without doing fairytale part 2

nor having any des requirements all you

have to do is have to have a dream and

staff okay so talk to the farmer in

Draenor right here I'm showing you guys

on the map and talk to him and he's

gonna tell you guys to wait 15 minutes

so wait 15 minutes do something

but yeah come back to him first text

option and we're gonna just make our way

to Lumbridge so use the home teleport I

just skip the right here but yeah

at this point equipped your dream and

staff and walk inside

while the way I'm showing you guys head


and keep going what

walk inside this peninsula type a thing

in to stand in the middle

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