Quick IPhone Sim-Unlock/Factory Unlock Any Carrier Any Country Any IPhone 100% Unlocked 2020

hello everyone my today's video is how

to unlock an iPhone and this is special

video I'm making I'm using two different

iPhones and I'm gonna show you how I can

show you to unlock this iPhones free of

course without paying any single penny

to anyone and so please subscribe this

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comment your imei for free unlock so the

process is very simple and very easy so

I'm keep saying again and again you're

not paying anything to anyone

this is 100% free thing what I'm going

to show you so for this purpose I'm

using two different iPhones just for

everybody to see properly properly that

this thing is not fake this is not cut

video and this is real video and real

things what I'm doing here in my video

so for this purpose I have one iPhone as

you can see here iPhone 5s are using and

another one I have here

iPhone 6s plus so we have two iPhones at

the moment and we cannot start so please

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as well please this really helps because

I am unlocking everyday 10 to 15 IMEI so

is it ready busy and it's very slow so

please if you can do I can do free of

cost for you I'm not charging anything

to anyone okay now at the moment there

is no sim as you can see in this form

there is no same

and in this one as well you can see

there is no salmon so this is very good

video for people they looking for free

unload of iPhone and I'm going to show

you in this one so this is exactly same

unlock for all kinds of iPhones for all

kind of I am the whole kind of iOS for

all kind of countries so please have a

look now okay now we can add SIM cards

and please remember this method is

exclusively applies to blacklisted

iPhones as well I have received a lot of

a lot of I receive so many comments

people ask me for how to unlock

blacklisted iPhone so I'm making this

video specially for everybody so you can

try okay first I want you to see this

iPhones are lock or block so next step

gonna be how to unlock them I put one

SIM card already in one phone now I'm

gonna add second SIM card into a second

iPhone just what everyone to see very

clearly I'm not changing any phones and

everything I'm doing in front of


okay so I have few SIM cards here and I

want everybody to see very closely that

what I can do now okay here we go now we

have two iPhones both are in front of

you as you can see says no service

I'm sure everybody knows meaning of this

why is there's no service here as you

can see here as well no service so both

iPhones are no service it means this

ones are locked to one network and block

to one network so please the main reason

for me to use two phones to show

everyone there

this thing working okay now okay we see

already it says here no service we see

in this iPhone it says no service okay

no next step we have to click one one

time start again okay as you can see

sign here on the left hand click on this

time you can see IMEI number there okay

this one you can make regard press this

button you can see IME number there okay

so we're gonna try from the 5.5 s we're

gonna show you how this thing work

this is free of cost you are not paying

any single penny to anyone and this is a

hundred percent free so what are we

going to do we're going to open a

website called same never lock calm I'm

saying again same never lock dot-com you

can see very clearly if you can't see

you can open your you can open your

laptop and you can see they're clearly

now you have to write down your email

address I will write down the email

address okay this is email address you

have to write down yoga I'm not hiding

anything so I want everybody to see a

close eye

this is the emulators I'm writing here

this is 100% free and this instant

unlock okay first IMEI number we going

to write from here that is as you can

see you can see I am a number so we can

write on this IME number no three five

four nine eight three five one nine

eight as you can see nine eight nine

zero six seven nine zero six seven six

nine zero six seven eight six eight six

second seven eight nine seven eight nine

and four we write down okay next we have

to write down smartphone version we can

tie it down iPhone with this iPhone

right now using and we are going to as

you can see same I am a number I add

eight nine four you can see we're going

to press unlock and as you can see

process is started already phone is in

front of you

no video cut no nothing dodgy everything

is hundred percent in front of you you

can see okay first we do this one then

we're gonna put second iPhone I am a

number and I'm gonna see you don't have

to do any verification you just leave it

like that

going back to home page again from

impaired to this same website same never

lock again we're going to write down our

I am a number I want everybody to see

how I'm doing okay now we need IM a

number of this iphone as you can see

okay as you can see I am a number

they're here three five five seven two

nine zero seven double to 0 double 1 9 -

okay 3 double five seven two nine zero

seven double to 0 double nine to

everybody can see very clearly I add the

same IME number here

okay now we're going to write down again

this iPhone yeah and we have to press

neck unlock we press as you can see

process start already both iPhones are

in front of your eyes now what we have

to do we just have to restart these

phones okay now remember this thing the

same cards we put inside as you can see

what you're saying right now it's saying

no service here you can see you're

saying no service okay now this thing is

done now this phone we can put on the

side now everybody's ready to see what I

did just now this is free of course 100%

don't forget to subscribe my channel and

now we're going to switch off both

phones yeah we switch off one we're

going to switch off second iPhone this

is what we have to do just because of

the process what we did okay we both

iPhones are off now once you off make

sure you bring same hat as I am doing

once you off take out the SIM cards okay

one SIM card is here you gonna put

another SIM card here okay I want

everyone to see what I'm doing okay

we've put another SIM card inside here

and leaving here okay both iPhones are

off make sure after doing this process

now we have to put another SIM card here

everybody knows

normally when iPhones our block or log

is saying no service so now just because

of this process this form gonna work


we've changed SIM cards already after

this process so I'm gonna own these

phones together

yeah both iPhones our own we're gonna

see in front of your eyes what I did

just now everybody asking me I see a lot

of messages that they want me to make

video for carrier unlock so this is the

video for all kind of carriers you can

do don't forget those of my channel as

you can see searching now

I won't ever essays no service just keep

a close eye it's saying no service here

okay this one is still waiting to be

home in the start is gonna say no

service but we have to do we have to

just fade as you can see it's catching

signal you press English okay back on

again English okay setup now let's see

how it's gonna work

okay another icon is on what it says

here no service again we have to wait

because we did the process after this

process is going to take time this

iPhone is getting ready as well as you

can see it takes signals already okay as

you can see is taking time as you can

see is ready now one iPhone is ready

second one is still saying no service as

you can see here it still saying no

service press English as you can see

once you press English you start coming

signals here so the process I try it

work 100% it means this is genuine

process press English choose any country

or choose your country video belongs to

okay we cannot choose country now setup

manually let's see how is gonna work now

it catch seeing already I just want

everybody to see that this thing is 100%

working you're taking time in the start

of saying no service

but once after three four minutes is

going to start taking SIM cards as you

can see just now i unlock these two

iPhones now they're free of any SIM card

you can use any SIM card

these phones and both iPhones are unlock

so this is proof what I did just now in

front of everybody

to unlock your iPhones so please don't

forget to subscribe my channel like this

video and if any case just send me your

IMEI number I'll be more than happy to

help you so for now thank you very much

for watching as you can see both phones

are unlocked I showed everyone in the

start is going to say is going to show

that this is no service for literally

sketching signals thank you