How to unlock all factions in Medieval 2 Total War | 2020 |

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hey guys mascara and today we are back

within our medieval to video around this

time we're doing our tutorial so chances

are if you're watching this you're

probably new because well that's a title

and chances are he probably only can

play five factions unless you have done

this before so if you haven't chances

are you've only got England France

Solero an entire Spain and Venice but

you might want to know how to get all

these other factors such as Sicily Milan

Scotland Byzantines Russia more Turks

Aegis in marks Portugal Poland and

Hungary now you could just play the game

look at each time I think you eliminate

a faction in the campaign in a lot of

faction here I know for a fact that you

can you beat the campaign and and lunch

vacuum that's because most shorts and

you eliminate that but

if you don't already know how to unlock

these or you don't you just want to skip

to play where these other fashions drops

you mikuni like said please forgive this

tired ones well here's a pretty simple

process so first you gotta put the game

you gotta go in your files you'll want

to go to wherever you're able to except

for me it's a program files x86 steam