Rome: Total War - How to Unlock All Factions

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what's up guys I just wanted to make a

quick video on how to show you how to

unlock all of the factions in rome total

war even the ones that are off-limits so

you go to Program Files x86 if that's

where your install directory is if

you're using a 32-bit OS it'll just be

Program Files and for me I have it

installed in steam so I'm gonna go to

steam steamapps common and then scroll

all the way down and go to Rome Total

War gold then from here we're gonna go

to data

scroll down to world then we'll click

Maps campaign and then imperial campaign

and here you're gonna want to look for

the file that says de SCR underscore STR

80 that's going to be the directory you

open up and then you'll see this you'll

see campaign playable and all of the

three Roman ones unlockable which means