How to unlock every faction on Rome Total War (Tutorial)

hello I'm nougat oryx and today I'm

gonna be showing you a tutorial on how

to unlock all the factions on Rome Total

War been requested this a couple of

times very recently so I thought well

I'll do a video to help those people out

now as you may be able to tell if my

voice I am a little bit unwell

unfortunately that's why there haven't

been many videos out recently but I

really wants to make this video I

haven't made a video in a couple of days

so I just thought we'll get straight

into it now I have got a Windows

computer it should be pretty much the

same for all computers but it's

particularly Windows computer this is

how you do it there's several ways of

getting to the point where you can

unlock all the factions but I'm just

gonna teach you the manual way should

work on all Windows computers as for


it should follow a similar process but

probably not exactly the same so you

might have to look on a tutorial on the

internet because I'm not really sure how

Mac's work and one more thing before we

start this works for steam apps so I am

playing on steam Rome Total War I play

on Steam I have downloaded I don't have

the CD disc version anymore so this is

how you do it for steam but I imagine it

would be a very similar process I can

show you how you do it if you've got the

CD as well but first of all I'll go

through how you do it on Steam so first

of all you click on this button here

Windows sees where you store all your

stuff so for me is this this one here

this Drive I would imagine it's the same

for most computers but I'm not sure you

should probably know where all your

stuff is though so click on this and

then gone Program Files x86 hopefully

that's the same for everyone I think

that's the same but for me is so click

on that find steam so if it meets here

then that you need to find steam apps so

it's this button here common and then

find the game obviously rome total war

gold and you've got quite a few folders

to here and all that so literally just

find data so this one here data and as

you can see loads of folders here you

can change a ton of stuff you want to

but we're just going to keep it simple

today and just do the factions so what

you want to do you want to scroll down

and find the folder that says world in


you can pause it by the way I'm going

through it quite fast campaign imperial

campaign and you've got all these things

here and you want to click on the one

that says I don't know where that means

description maybe but stratts the one

says strat in the end you click on this

is a text document now I've had to

change obviously back to how it would

normally look it would look something

like this so you can see all the

factions are named out there's campaign

playable end unlockable and end non

playable so what you want to do is you

want to get all the factions that you

want to play that on the unlockable or

non playable section they will probably

be spread out between these to let you

just go out this select them all cuts

and then just paste it like so into the

playable section so make sure that if

you want a faction to be playable you

put it under the campaign playable and

they will all be unlocked for you to

play whenever you want on the Imperial

campaign now you'll see I've left the

Roman Senate and slaves out the rebels

there's good reason for that

they are quite glitchy I've heard that

the campaigns are quite glitch it might

cause game crashes and all that if you

want to play as those you can and it

does work you can play the Senate I've

seen people do it you can play the

slaves but yet slightly risky personally

I would leave them non playable unless

you really really want to play as one of

those factions also if you do want to

play as them I have heard you should

leave at least one faction as non

playable because otherwise it tends to

crash as well so a little bit of advice

just make sure you have something down

here and I wouldn't recommend playing as

these two factions it's up to you anyway

now just close the document off so you

got to save it and when you let's go on

rome total war should be able to play as

all the factions so yeah that's pretty

much it

now this is for steam obviously but I

would imagine I would imagine there

would be an option on the program files

here so this this section is they'll

click on steam there should be an option

for rome total war but what of course

you can do is search it down here or

wherever your search bar is so for

example in the search bar i can type in

the name of the file

like so and there you go text document

it doesn't matter where it is for me it

is in the imperial campaign folder which

I just showed you but you can also just

search up here click on it and then

you've got the document where you just

cut and paste all the factions into the

right section but yeah I mean that's

pretty much all there is to it

I think any more questions and you can

ask for max I'm honestly not sure you

could probably do something very similar

that the name of the file will be

exactly the same just search up this is

what it's called you do exactly that so

DSC so de SCR underscore strat and

you'll you'll find you'll find it so it

should be fine on Mac to do that but as

I say just go on to wiki house or

something like that and you should be

able to find an article in it like so so

yes sorry that is a short video I am

feeling about on worlds but if I

struggle for me to make this to be

honest but a couple of people wants it

and I did promise so here you go any

questions and feel free to put them in

the comments and I'll try and ask on to

them but on that thank you very much for

watching and I'll be back with more

videos very very soon see you around