How to Activate Facetime in Any Country on IPads | No Jailbreak

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hey guys welcome to my new video in this

video I'll be showing you how to

activate FaceTime on your iPad's

especially if you're living in a country

where it is not supported or any other

GCC country where the carrier has

blocked the FaceTime if you find that

your iPad does not have a FaceTime icon

it will just take a small trick to

activate the FaceTime now I cannot

assure you but you can try it on your

iphones also this method might work on

your iphone but i'm not assure you

because i have already made a video on

the same topic you can click over here

to see the link how to enable FaceTime

on your iphones and ipads but i just

want to say that if you have an iphone

or if you have an ipad this time can be

enabled regardless of which country you

live in because it's a free application

by apple so there are certain changes

you can do in your root folder to do so

if you have an ipad you don't need to

even jailbreak your ipad without

jailbreaking doing certain changes in

your setting you can enable FaceTime so

let's start the video but before I start

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