Facebook Gaming: How to UNLOCK the Facebook LEVEL UP Program 2020

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okay there we go are you when you

streamer on Facebook gaming you read all

of the rules and requirements that

Facebook is asking from you yet you are

still lacking requirements a lot of my

fellow streamers right now are

experiencing that situation right now

which is why Tim today's video I will be

explaining how to unlock the Facebook

level up program what is going on guys

my name is JB and I am a streamer with

200 followers and I have officially

unlocked the Facebook level up program

in only two weeks guys and I will teach

you guys how today if you guys would

like to check me out all the links to my

social media and my facebook gaming page

are in the description below I stream on

Facebook gaming monday to friday 7 a.m.

to 5 p.m. philippine standard time also

we are doing a giveaway on the official

JP gaming Facebook page so you guys

should definitely check that out before

we get into the actual requirements guys

I bet a lot of you were asking me JB why

do I even need why do I want to what is

the big deal about this Facebook LevelUp

program anyway well to answer that

question guys if you unlock the Facebook

level up program you will have the