How to Change Your Facebook Newsfeed to See Your Friends Most Recent Posts

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everyone is Audrey with social media for

that's a number for beginners calm where

we provide the training that empowers

you to stay connected to your family

your friends clients customers through

all of the different social media sites

now today is tip trick Tuesday and what

that means is every Tuesday I'm gonna be

bringing you a tip or a trick on the

major social media sites like Facebook

and Twitter and Pinterest and YouTube

and Instagram and all those big ones

that's gonna make your life a lot easier

or it's different things that you didn't

even know that you could do on these

sites so today what we're gonna be

talking about is your newsfeed do you

ever feel like you are seeing the same

things over and over the same people the

same businesses over and over and over

again while there is a reason for it and

I'm going to show you how to refresh

your newsfeed so let's jump inside of

Facebook all right so here we are on my

newsfeed and as we scroll down you're

gonna see a couple of my friends maybe

some business pages that are oh my

goodness some of my friends posted some

stuff so anyway these are family friends

and businesses that I follow on Facebook