How to unlock the SECRET Facebook Messenger's hidden DARK MODE

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Hey everyone. Facebook Messenger has just rolled out a secret Dark Theme

and I wanted to show you how to active it right now.

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So check this out. To turn on the Dark Theme, and I'm sure this is going to be rolled out more widely soon,

this is what you got to do. Go to Messenger and jump into a message,

so you have to message someone here.

Go to the message tab,

and you want to send an emoji to someone here.

So activate your emoji keyboard here and I'll show you which one.

It's this crescent moon icon.

You have to select this crescent moon icon and press send.

And then it will start raining these crescent moons.

And on top, it's going to say do you want to activate the Dark Theme?

So I've already activated mine, but it will give you that pop up.

So when you get that pop up, you could either click it or

you could go back to this page, the main page of your Messenger app.

Click your profile on the top, and here, Dark Mode on top will be activated.

So you could simply press it and it will change it to your dark theme on Messenger.

Again, the crescent moon emoji activates this icon.

I hope this quick video was useful.

I personally like this dark mode.

I think I'm going to keep my messenger on this kind of look.

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