How To Get Into Facebook Marketplace - If You Can't Access It - Easy Fix

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hello welcome to curse brains in this

video I will be showing how to use the

Facebook marketplace to restricted

Facebook profiles let me show you how

does Facebook marketplace looks like for

the profiles it has access to and then I

will show how to access for the

restricted profile there is no actual

valid reason why Facebook hasn't allowed

access to the Facebook marketplace for

each and every profile on the platform

the following profile is of my mother

and so does even my father profile has

access to the Facebook marketplace but

all of my friends of middle age aren't

having access to the marketplace that's


but Facebook marketplace is actually a

great place for selling and buying

locally people do earn more than $200 to

$300 monthly from Facebook marketplace

it's actually easy to figure out how to

use the Facebook marketplace once you

get access to it so I won't narrate





so this was a walkthrough of the