Facebook Account is Locked How to Unlock | How to Unlock Facebook Account When Temporary Locked


hey everyone welcome back to my youtube

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again with another

tutorial so in today's video we are

going to talk about how you can

recover a locked facebook account so


locks your account whenever it finds

something suspicious

on your account or it thinks your

someone else is using your

account okay so for security reasons it

locks your account and it

is very easy to get back your account if

you are able to prove your

identity okay so you can also visit our

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number of

blogs and troubleshooting articles for

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okay so now we will start

how you can recover your locked facebook

account in few simple steps

for that you will need a phone number

that you can use to get the code

and by simply entering the code you will

be able to recover your account

okay so now let's just begin

so first of all in a new tab you have to

go to the official website that is


and now you have to try to simply login

by using your

email address and password that you


so first of all enter your email address

linked to your facebook account

and then enter your password simply

click on login

so yeah it is saying that you have to

confirm that it is really you

okay so it is just a security check from


that you might get or not

so just simply click on i'm not a robot


clear just go through the security check


and then click on verify if google

verifies you then you will

be proceeded to the next step


all right so the next step is to enter

your mobile number

that is asked by facebook so that they

can confirm it is

yours so here you have to enter your

mobile number

so facebook can your protect your


from hackers okay

so once you are done entering your phone

number click on send

code now here you have to enter the

verification code that you have received

on your mobile number

so please check your phones and take out

the code that you have just received

and enter it here you can also click on

recent confirmation code to receive the

code again

okay or you can update mobile number if

you want to change your

phone number

so yeah enter the code click on go ahead

so now they will verify your phone

number and once

it gets verified you will be able to get

back to your account

so yeah you are on facebook again you

can use

facebook again because we believe that

your account

and your activity on it follow our

community standard

okay so it depends that you may or may

not be able to recover your account

we apologize for the inconvenience and

click on return to facebook

so yeah you will be able to get back to

your facebook account that was really


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